why your relationship didn't work and whether to fight for it

We sometimes wonder if it’s time to walk away or hold on and fight with everything we’ve got and it’s these times when we can’t seem to make a decision, we need a bit of guidance so that we can finally make up our mind and take responsibility for our choice.

Find out why your relationship didn’t work and whether to fight for it.

By Mariam Elhamy

The Intimacy is Gone

Sustaining never-ending passion is impossible and when the fire is gone things start to slow down. But if you feel no desire for and you’re even repulsed by your partner, it’s a major sign that something is wrong.

Stay or Go?

You need to be very open and communicative about this. Talk about how you feel with your partner, if they feel the same then maybe all you need is to try new things to reignite the relationship.

If your partner is not willing to talk about it or make any changes even if it’s a constant source of contempt between you, then you should consider whether this is something you’re willing to live with or not.

Your Emotional Needs Aren’t Being Met

As much as physicality is important, having an emotional connection can be a make it or break it factor. When you’re feeling lonely in a relationship and you’re resenting your partner for it, this will constantly bring up problems and might lead to the failure of the relationship.

Stay or Go?

Communication is everything. You have to verbal about your needs no matter how small or insignificant they might be, assuming the other person should just know is a huge mistake because you should both work together on building the relationship.

If you’ve discussed it with your partner and they make no effort to change or continuously dismiss your concerns, there’s no reason to wait around. For your sake, end it.

You Fight Incessantly

There’s nothing wrong with fighting it’s very normal, but when your fights become too big too often and it’s too much to handle that it’s making you stressed and anxious half the time you might end up losing that person.why your relationship didn't work and whether to fight for it

Stay or Go?

Think of your fights as ways to strengthen the relationship and move forward. Do they achieve a good outcome for both of you? Do you come out of the argument feeling you’ve moved one step forward? Does it bring you peace or do you still feel unsettled? The answer to these questions should determine your decision.

You Can’t Trust Each Other

When trust is lost it’s very hard to get back and you shouldn’t live with someone you can’t rely on. So how can you rebuild trust when it’s broken? (Yes, it can be fixed).

why your relationship didn't work and whether to fight for it

Stay or Go?

If you or your partner have made each other insecure it’s important to feel safe inside your relationship. Be forgiving, patient and honest while trying to regain the trust that has been lost. If your partner keeps repeating the same behavior and giving you lame excuses, it’s time to let them go.


Some people get jealous more than others and some like it when their partner gets jealous, but if you get so jealous that you start doubting your partner’s intentions and actions then it becomes a problem. why your relationship didn't work and whether to fight for it

Stay or Go?

Possessiveness and control are not attractive qualities. When you’re overly jealous for ridiculous reasons it shows how insecure you are.

Obsessing over your partner’s circles, checking their phone and snooping on them, or having it done to you shows that you have to draw the line. You should know the difference between healthy jealousy and over-the-top too much to handle jealousy.

Finally, any relationship can be worked on but some become so toxic that’s better for both partners to give up on it and leave on good terms. It’s all about how you communicate and work on fixing the problem with equal efforts and not just trying to blame it on the other person.

Why Your Relationship Didn’t Work and Whether to Fight for It