We know that every parent on the planet probably hates us right now but hear this out; you might think that Playstation is just a waste of time but these 7 facts show that playing video games might actually be good for you!

By Mariam Elhamy

Making Social Connections

Most games are now online, meaning you can play with anyone, anywhere, any time. That improves your social skills and keeps you connected. It could also help you practice languages and learn new vocabulary.

Improving Many Skills
  1. Reading: reading instructions or getting the latest news about games from websites.
  2. A better understanding of distance and space. Especially in games like Minecraft the 3D virtual world that you have to navigate without GPS.Playstation
  3. Problem-solving: Overcoming challenges, puzzles and mysteries or managing cities or empires in Playstation helps you learn how to take on a problem and overcome it.
  4. Planning, organization, leadership, decision-making, flexibility, dealing with loss, creativity and curiosity.
Reducing Stress

Everyday life is stressful for anyone, war or fight games can be a great way of blowing off some steam by blowing up virtual characters so that you don’t feel the need to do so in real life.

Growing Knowledge and Culture

Despite what you think, many of the most popular war and adventure video games these days are based on real history. That allows you to experience the history and learn about it. Other games have real animals and plants, or machines that need to be built or fixed, hence increasing your knowledge about mechanics, history, and biology and piques your interest in topics you might have never thought about.

Improving Dyslexia and ADHD

Both of these disorders involve a lack of concentration. Playstation requires and improves your ability to concentrate on one thing for a longer period of time. The mechanics of the brain that cause dyslexia are improved by having to know instantly which is left and which is right.

Improving Coordination Between Eyes and Hands

Might not be on your list of things you want to improve but many professions like physicians, surgeons, pilots and technicians actually require good hand-eye coordination.

To Top it All Off: Video Gaming Career

The video gaming industry is growing fast, so even if you don’t become a game developer or a coding master, you could win from 50,000 to 3 million dollars just by winning games.

How New Tech is Playing a Role in Mental Wellness