Your wardrobe is reflected on what you choose to wear on the beach. Selecting monochrome shows that you are consistent in your style, which probably means that you’re organized, and a fan of white shirts.



Choosing a cutout needs a careful girl with prepped SPF whenever going to the beach. This style reflects how you really appreciate your beauty and your friends probably go to you for fashion tips.




Florals show that you are unique and artistic. You’re probably a fan of vintage with a dramatic add-on, and more into light summery clothes rather than stiffer denim looks. You’re tough and should never be underestimated.




Metallic reflects how you live purely in the moment and going with the flow without having to worry about planning. If asked to wear chandelier earnings to the beach, you won’t give it a second thought.



Black is not your color and you tend to go for unique items. You’re possibly not a big fan of winter, counting the days to summer. You are active and sporty, the type of adventurous girl who wouldn’t mind going to the gym with printed leggings.




You enjoy lying by the pool in big sunglasses rather than going for a hardcore swim. You’re flexible in your style too; you can go from wearing edgy jewelry pieces to minimalist type of clothes such as a t-shirt and jeans.