One week into its launch, it is indisputable; great things come in bijoux spaces and one of the best dessert places in Zamalek is Troufa. The steady flow of customers to this Aladdin’s cave of delights shows that good news spreads quickly.

Products Available and Signature Items

Products range from savory to sweet; breads, cakes, pastries, cookies and croissants to melt-in-the-mouth truffles, sandwiches and traditional Greek items like spanakopita and filo pastry cheese pie, it is all there. Great coffee-to-go as well.

In a nutshell, everything that Troufa creates has its personal stamp. All ingredients used are in their pure, original form, and the finished products should wow even the pickiest of palates. The bread selection is baked three to four times a day, so it really doesn’t get any fresher than that. In a world of diminishing croissant sizes, Troufa also bucks the trend by coming out with generous buttery ‘tear-into-me’ plain, chocolate or cheese versions that put others we have recently seen to shame. It should also be mentioned that Troufa items are packaged with a contemporary, elegant chic that reflects the quality of the goods inside. There are some special items available during Ramadan, spicy walnut karidopita being just one.

Items Sampled

How could we have said no to the freshly-baked penerli, the traditional cheese-laden bread that fortifies so many Greeks for the day ahead. Authentic, it provided a flashback to great times we have had in Athens and the Greek islands. Nostalgia overload…

The cornbread also totally blew us away, try it soft and fresh with a faint smear of butter, it elevates a simple pleasure to new heights. The sweet lovers in us delved head first into chocolate heaven with the London Tart. Its intense dark chocolate ganache was counterbalanced with a sharp raspberry layer, all nestled in a light tartlet base. Bliss. For a bit more chocolate indulgence we shared a Pavé, or rectangular pastry composed of layers and textures of chocolate, and a decadent Chocolate Pie. Both delivered chocolate at its best, rich but not too sweet.

Ah, and the truffles, bite-sized parcels of divinely rich ingredients in a range of flavors that are addictive in the extreme. They make a perfect gift, if you could bear to pass them along, and should cement friendships for life. In addition to truffles, Troufa has a gourmet range of handcrafted chocolates that are available by the kilo. Again, something to put on your list.

Other Items that Appealed

There would be no holding us back. Troufa’s range is so varied, with something for every whim or occasion. Your daily cob of bread, a few croissants for a weekend breakfast, moist freshly baked orange cake for afternoon tea? Indulgent gâteaux for a special get together? We would say yes to everything.


From the eye-catching entrance with its green wall of plants enticing you to wander inside, to the showcases and shelves laden with delectable goodies, the feel is intimate, personal, and almost clubby as it is highly likely you will bump into friends who are on the same mission as you. It brings back the glory days of Zamalek, when a visit to your favorite pâtisserie was a highlight of the day.

Due to the limited space there is no seating available to sip coffee and chat, so it is all for taking away. Sigh…

Clientele Mix

On our visit we saw food-lovers of all ages and nationalities popping in. Troufa is so well located it will soon be a daily ‘must’ for most Zamalek residents in the know.

Price Range

Moderate upwards. Splurge on those truffles though, you will not regret it: excellent value considering the quality.

Contact Information

Opening hours: 7 am -11 pm. Delivery should be available in the near future.

Address: 16 Salah El Din Street, Zamalek, just next to Mohamed El Sagheer Hairdresser.

Tel:  02 2735 6805

Facebook: Troufa Bread & Chocolate Egypt

Instagram: TroufaEgypt

Hot tip: Catch next month’s edition of our magazines to find out where Troufa will be this summer in Sa7el!