Toxic Relationship

We’ve recently done an explanation of what you should look out for, what to expect and what exactly is a toxic relationship, but this time we’re digging a bit deeper into how you actually feel when you’re in a toxic relationship that you feel trapped in and can’t fix.

By Mariam Elhamy

The relationship doesn’t bring you joy anymore.

Misery and overthinking have become second nature to you. You feel so confused and flustered a lot of the time as to what you mean to them or if you’re ever enough.

You feel emotionally manipulated.

Toxic RelationshipWhenever you try to talk to them about something that upsets you they make you feel guilty.

You often feel a huge distance between you.

As if you’re worlds apart even when you’re sitting right next to them.

You sometimes regret the day you met them.

You wish that they were never a part of your life because of all the pain they bring you. You imagine how your life would have been if they weren’t there.Toxic Relationship

You lost your peace of mind.

Toxic RelationshipYou try to avoid confrontations about many subjects just to keep the peace and stay away from any drama.

You can’t see a clear future with them in it.

Whenever you try to think of a future with them, it’s hazy and you can never talk to them about it because it will complicate things.

You can’t even blame them.

Toxic Relationship

They keep doing the same things you always tell them not to do but you can’t stay mad at them for too long so you always go back to them thinking that someday they’ll change or you’ll stop caring. Toxic Relationship

You feel like you can’t trust them completely.

Because one way or another you know they are going to let you down again eventually.

You feel emotionally drained most of the time.

You’re never unsure of the relationship and where you stand. The uncertainty keeps you doubting and questioning how you should feel instead of feeling safe and secure with them.

You don’t feel heard.

Toxic RelationshipYour concerns are never important even when you try to voice them, they never try to change or admit it when they make mistakes. Toxic Relationship

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