tips in job-seeking
How to Become an Optimum Job Applicant

Three successful graduates give us first-hand tips on what it takes for fresh grads to land a job, what employers are looking for and what skills will get you ahead of the game!

Social Intelligence
  • Timing is everything

First and foremost, social skills can demonstrate a certain type of intelligence that can make applicants stand out. Responding to certain cues just the right way in conversation can show your level of attentiveness and comprehension which show how bright you are.

Being socially smart does not necessarily mean cracking a funny joke. It’s more about how to deliver that joke or message, in the right tone and the right time in order to raise a point or to just “break the ice”.

  • A smile can go a long way

Smiling shows you do not have a dull personality and can help set a positive atmosphere when collaborating with others in any workplace. Adaptability in social skills helps when coworkers or clients have different backgrounds and/or level of education.


Therefore, negotiation will require an adjustment to how the dialogue should be carried out. The main take away here is getting out more often and interacting with more people in order to gauge how a personal or professional conversation should be struck. tips in job-seeking

Language Skills
  • Hone your writing

Learning how to structure written work is just as important as oral communication. Applying to an English class or hiring a private tutor can help set a strong foundation for speaking and writing skills, both of which have their separate nuances. For instance, writing combines several elements such as grammar, spelling, punctuation.

Syntax or the structural integrity when arranging sentences is important, and so is diction which is related more to the selected word choice. Another necessary skill would also be learning how to write an email using different tones, which can show a person’s versatility.

Digital Marketing

One of the most important courses undergraduates should look to invest in is digital marketing with e-commerce and online advertising becoming integral to many businesses that are becoming increasingly online-dependent due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Individuals and businesses alike are doubling down on all their online services as there is better profitability and a more flexible medium to use for advertising. Different tactics to target and attract more customers can easily be learned today with a variety of online crash courses on social media marketing.

Any size business that is not capitalizing on all the opportunities that come with digital marketing is ultimately going to lose. Many seriously successful businesses today are entirely online, with no real office building, so it helps to have a set of digital marketing skills you can offer through remote employment.

Experience Wins

They say that experience is life’s best teacher, and we couldn’t agree more. Not everything you learn during your school years will be applied into your line of work.

However, you can rest assured that most, if not, all of your experiences both personally and professionally will impact how you secure a good job and thrive in it.

  • Internships

Having a couple of internships can help give you get a taste of what is required in the real world. In an internship, you start learning how to compromise and how to become more efficient with your job in order to keep improving.

There is always room for improvement and experience is the only trial and error method that reveals what your strengths and weaknesses are.

In addition, doing an internship teaches you how to manage your workload and it enhances your CV when you start applying for jobs and raises the odds of starting off with a better one. Even if it means working for a while without any pay; the insight it gives you ahead of forging a career is well worth it. tips in job-seeking

  • Necessary Attributes

Experience also molds certain characteristics that people need at work, such as leadership and teamwork. Displaying such qualities can only come from bearing the responsibilities that come with your job title, but also learning to cooperate with others and foster solidarity to help teams reach a common goal. tips in job-seeking

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