CUT! That’s a wrap for Cairo International Film Festival! TikTok

This past week has been all about celebrating art, film, and culture. TikTok, the festival’s official sponsor, made sure it was a week of showcasing talent and exclusive live streaming of the festival’s highlights. The platform even created a hashtag for its wide community to virtually become part of all the glitz and glam the festival had to show off.

Now, that the lights have gone out and the curtains have closed on CIFF, one thing still continues to endlessly steal the show – talent that is. It’s plain to see that since its inception, TikTok has taken it upon itself to help its community discover what their true talents and skills. Over the years, the platform has developed a positive and safe environment for content creators to let their imagination go wild in creating powerful content that – more often than not – travels the globe at the speed of a click reaching worldwide audiences. TikTok

CIFF’s #FilmOnTikTok is another drop in TikTok’s ocean of initiatives towards achieving its purpose and mission of fostering creativity and nurturing talent. Watching TikTok fulfilling that mission over and over again – this time by awarding their winners on CIFF’s closing ceremony stage – the very same stage that witnessed Egypt’s greatest movie stars – was just the cherry on top of the festivities.

The contest, which came in light of the platform’s sponsoring of the 43rd edition of Cairo International Film Festival, kicked off in three categories: “Best Short Film on TikTok”, “Best Actor on TikTok”, and “Best Actress on TikTok” and was available to all its users who participated by posting a short video on the platform with the hashtags #FilmOnTikTok and #CIFF43.TikTok

Photshop Hustler was announced best short film on TikTok, while Hamdy Ashour and Amal Samir were announced best actor and actress on TikTok respectively. The winners were among hundreds of other contestants who had submitted their short films as part of the #FilmOnTikTok contest.

From the very beginning, the platform has fundamentally been about its talented community and audience. A virtual community that has managed to make an impact great enough to be carried across borders, continents, cultures, and languages; changing the shape of entertainment, art, education, fashion, film, and sometimes even activism.

But why do talents really flock to TikTok?

Simply put, we are all born with the propensity to achieve, succeed, and thrive in our endeavors, and that’s exactly what the platform keeps delivering. TikTok provides its community with the space to learn what they are good at, what they enjoy and what makes them proud of their creative work and content.

We have all seen skills, talents and abilities being nurtured, shaped, formed, and encouraged on the platform. We’ve also watched authentic content transform into blooming careers and flourishing hobbies. Some view TikTok as the epitome of many realms of talent. But what we all know for a fact is that there is never a dull moment on TikTok.

Amir Ramses: Writer & Director of Curfew