Now that 60 has become the new 30, what life hacks should the (upper) middle-aged be taking on board to make the most of 2022? It’s time to ditch the stereotypes and create a new rule book.

1. There is no such thing as ‘appropriate’ dress for over 60s.

Go for comfort and anything that makes you feel happy when you put it on.

2. De-clutter.

That means clearing out cupboards, passing on clothing and accessories that you rarely wear, gifting seldom used items in your china cabinet to young people setting up home. If your house feels like an obstacle course, pass on items of furniture that are excess to your current lifestyle.

3. Give away an item each week.

You should start to feel lighter and less burdened. That could mean leaving a large home that takes up time, energy and money to maintain, and moving to a place that is brighter, more practical and functional.

4. As we age, it becomes more about quality and less about quantity.

While your families should remain close to your heart, it is time to look at which social acquaintanceships are no longer in line with your beliefs and lifestyle.

Let them fade slowly into the distance as you focus more on enjoying the company of close friends who value you just as you are, and can make you laugh at life and at yourself.

5. Force of habit and a sense of obligation often wear the over 60s down unnecessarily.

Learn to say know no to invitations that would eat up time without adding to your day, and stop doing endless favors for friends and family when you know you are being taken advantage of. Be selective and make time for yourself.

6. Cut down on your social media contacts.

Truly, how many of those names actually play a role in your life? Follow the accounts that can actually contribute to your enjoyment of activities and interests. Bin the rest.

7. Stop counting the wrinkles.

Youth is wonderful, and for sure, you made the most of it. But those grey hairs and wrinkles are yours, you earned them, they are a part of your journey.

Radiance doesn’t come with magic potions or a surgeon’s scalpel, it comes from the heart and the enjoyment you feel each day.

8. Stay active.

If covering strenuous workouts to stay in shape is your thing, by all means, go for it. But the bottom line is to be fit enough to make the most of the opportunities each day presents. A gentle stroll in good company has its own benefits.

9. Don’t sweat the small stuff.


Life has its challenges at any age, and today’s world is throwing curveballs hard and fast. But if you have made it to 60, you can handle whatever comes your way.

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