Things Men Do that Women Hate

By: Mariam Elhamy

Let’s face it, men do a lot of things that piss off women. Starting with being smug, controlling, excessively jealous and the list goes on. Guys, this one is for you! Find out some of the things you do that your girl might secretly dislike but won’t tell you about it.

1. Not Making a Move 

Some women don’t mind making the first move but if a man doesn’t have the guts to make the next one she’ll be disappointed, especially cause she spurred up the courage to make that first move. A woman likes to know that you’re serious about her so if she feels that you’re not making any effort she’ll back out not to hurt herself.

2. Not Looking at Her While She’s Talking

Guys who think it’s okay to stare at someone or something else while a girl is talking to them is very offensive. It automatically translates that you’re checking out someone else or that something is more important than what she’s saying.

3. Trying to Control Her

Women hate it when a man tries to control her life, her friends, her career and her decisions. She wants to feel equally independent and not held back to explore her own path. There’s a thin line between trying to protect someone and trying to control them. Watch out for excessive jealousy, it’s such a deal breaker so don’t over-do it.

Things Men Do that Women Hate

4. No Attention to Details

When she does her hair or wears something new, notice that and compliment her. Women get really frustrated when men don’t notice the small things they do especially if it took them a lot of effort/money/guts.

Things Men Do that Women Hate

5. Lying

And this is a big one. Some men might lie about small things because they think it will upset women. It upsets them even more to know that you’re lying so be honest. Even if she gets mad you can always make it up to her.Things Men Do that Women Hate

6. Having Zero Aspiration

Women find a guy with no future plans, dreams or aspirations very unattractive. A man should be able to take care of and provide for his family. Don’t be immature or lazy with no desire to succeed and always live up to your promises!

Things Men Do that Women Hate

7. Not Wanting to Have Fun

Girls just wanna have fun! A woman will want to go out, travel, try new things and have a good time. If you always want to stay in and chill she’ll find someone else to do it with.

8. Being Smug 

Confidence is a very attractive quality, but too much confidence is a total turnoff. When men keep bragging about their cars, house, money, etc.. It completely dries off the conversation.

9. Always being on your Phone and Ignoring her Messages 

Seriously don’t do that! It pisses women off when they’re expressing their thoughts or feelings and deep into a serious conversation and you start checking your phone. It’s also disrespectful and plain rude to always be on your phone and ignore her messages or take too long to reply.

Things Men Do that Women Hate

10. Not Talking about your Feelings

Men are not as open as women about how they feel and they tend to bury it down instead of expressing it or dealing with it. Women really appreciate a man who is not afraid to talk about how he feels, it makes her feel very special to be the only person that knows what’s behind the surface.

Things Men Do that Women Hate


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