Egypt’s vast market of real estate opportunities is growing at an exciting rate.

However, as real estate projects across Egypt develop faster than ever, the market becomes saturated and options become overwhelming. Conflicting opinions and consultations can add to the confusion, turning excitement into dread.

Real estate is one of the biggest investments an individual can make. However, without a unified base of information, the traditional buying process can lead to missed opportunities for home seekers and real estate investors alike.

Fortunately, many traditional problems can be solved through digital innovation. Modern apps have changed how we do things such as ordering food, getting around, buying and selling items, and taking vacations. Now it is time to revolutionize the way we buy, sell, and invest in real estate.

This is where PIE Properties comes in. The PIE app is the biggest source of real estate information in Egypt. It is designed to help buyers make informed decisions, as well as provide brokers and real estate consultants with a wealth of market information. CEO, Hassan Sadek, is confident in PIE’s potential to revolutionize the market.

PIE AppThe app offers exciting tools for viewing project profiles, evaluating properties, calculating payment installments, and comparing investment prospects. PIE is essentially a data consolidator that utilizes technology to import market data. Currently, PIE has over 1,000 projects with details and map locations in Egypt, as well as 300 active developers, 700 brokers and hundreds of other industry contacts.

The PIE algorithm analyzes big data to efficiently determine market trends and conclude where the demand is and why. These valuable insights are then presented to users through a mobile-friendly interface.

This information enables developers to better optimize spending on project facilities and property designs. Additionally, consultants, investors, and home seekers will make better buying and selling decisions. The PIE philosophy comes down to improving Egypt’s standard of living by making the best-suited investment decisions.

It is a hybrid system where customers can research and choose real estate online while completing their purchase through property consultants, sellers, and agents. Egypt’s real estate market is growing rapidly with new and exciting projects.

One of the flagship projects is the New Administrative Capital, a megaproject developed by some of Egypt’s largest construction companies. Learn more about the New Capital’s 150 projects and Egypt’s vast real estate market by visiting the website and download our app for FREE.

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