Becoming a Happy Woman

We live in very interesting times when having an identity is more precious than ever! Throughout life, we try to find and build ourselves, seeking an idealized person to become, often forgetting to mind our own sanity. becoming a happy woman

We are constantly in search of reasons to be happy from the outer world that externally surrounds us. If only we could realize that – happiness – is the state that can be reached exclusively from within.

By Olesia Dovzhenko

Let’s agree, happiness of any woman is never based on her age, weight, body shape, eyes or hair color. Instead, we invite you to think that there are certain life principles and qualities, present in her personality that radiates a state of happiness.

So, what are those qualities and how can we develop them?

1. Fall In Love With Yourself!

A truly happy woman, beyond doubt, has healthy self-esteem with a strong sense of worthiness. She knows that she is unique and an interesting individual. She doesn’t need anyone to validate, compliment or praise her successful existence to affirm it. She catches her flaws, works on them, develops a picture of a better self and attains that, too.

Tip: Learn to understand your feelings, without suppressing them and never ignore your intuition. Find a therapist that you trust to work on your inner feelings. Develop the ability to read your emotions with no further judgment, only with a presence of a healthy evaluation and continual work to shape your best self.

Learn how to relax, re-charge and allow yourself to do it. becoming a happy woman

2. Be Selective On Your Surroundings

“You are an average of five people you spend the most time with” – Jim Rohn

A conscious woman will always choose to make a deliberate effort to examine her circle of people she’s around most.

Constantly ask yourself these simple questions:

  • What can I learn from…?
  • How do I truly feel in the presence of…?
  • Does… help me stretch and reach a higher self that I can envision and try to be?
  • Do I feel inspired by…? Do I want to follow…?
  • Do I feel fear and obligation, rather than excitement and love toward…?

By answering these simple questions, you will truly see the effect the people around you have on you.

3. Listen To Your Wants & Needs

Becoming a Happy WomanA happy woman elevates her state of freedom to determine her needs, wants & desires. She knows the importance of forming her own scale of values and sticking to them.

Tip: Shape your values and dedicate every day towards your priorities, never sacrificing your inner guidance system.

4. Pick Relationships That Bring Harmony Rather Than Discord

When you become happy within yourself, you express it in your own way. By doing so, you’ll attract in your experience the partner that’s most aligned with your state of being. Healthy relationships between a man and a woman should feel easy, joyous, full of inspiration to live and express love towards life. becoming a happy woman

Both partners expand the horizons of possibilities and knowledge, cultivate the best qualities within each other and freely express joy.

Tip: Never accept toxic, unhealthy, full of sacrifice relationships that have no room for inner growth. Be the person you want to attract.

What is a Toxic Relationship?

5. Set Healthy Boundaries

A happy woman has built immunity against manipulations and toxic behavior of people that bring nothing but discomfort.

Tip: Learn how to defend your principles, claim your right to have your own space and practice saying “no” more often. Allow yourself to let go of people and activities that no longer serve you.

6. Quit Seeking Validation

“Take 100% responsibility for your life” – Jack Canfield

The minute you commit to the above approach to life is the same minute you are pronounced to be free as you no longer will follow others’ expectations about you.

In fact, those individuals who always put a burden on you of their expectations of you, reflect their own unsatisfactory life, that’s surely full of limitations and judgments.

People that want the best for you will always support and respect your path to become greater, even if your opinions and ways are not aligned with theirs.

Tip: Quit the unhealthy obligation to always wanting to please people and society.

7. Have a Zest For Knowledge

The only constant is change. If we stay still, we remain in survival mode wearing lenses of the past. Stop wasting your life on entertainment that does not expand your knowledge and, in fact, limits your potential. becoming a happy woman

Becoming a Happy Woman

Remember: You are alive only when you have conditioned yourself to engage in continual learning. The state of stillness is only survival.

Tip: Commit to always working on yourself and never do it to gain someone’s acceptance or interest. Study, discover and create yourself! Quit distracting yourself with degrading entertaining outer stimuli.

8. Explore Your Femininity

There are simple exercises you can engage in to raise your feminine energy: brush your hair, dance, sing, take a bubble bath, get an aromatherapy massage and so on. Most importantly, a happy woman deliberately chooses the circle of women that continually inspire her. Away from drama, guilt-tripping, gaslighting, jealousy and envy.

Be among the right women whose energy is filled with kindness, inspiration, compassion, wisdom, creative ideas, beauty, light, and freedom. Real female energy is recharging and it teaches you to enjoy every moment.

Be it food, shopping, routine work, a heart-to-heart conversation with your friend, or even driving. Feminine energy is the joy in everything that you do and the freedom to express it your own way.

Tip: Choose your circle to be full of joy and inspiration with women who share the same conscious values. 

Now that you know the qualities to cultivate happiness, would you commit to working on them? Remember: it takes a conscious decision to live a satisfactory life. It is your choice! So why wait?