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Basma in Ras El Sana

By: Mariam Elhamy We’ve been eagerly anticipating Mohamed Hefzy’s gritty drama Ras El Sanna, directed by Mohamed Sakr. The film depicts events on a New...
El Mamar Movie, The Passage movie, فيلم الممر

Mohamed Farrag: Acting with Honor in El Mamar

To say that this summer’s El Mamar will be epic is quickly becoming an understatement. A mammoth of a movie, the film directed and penned by Sherif Arafa is the talk of the town and poised for a June release date just in time for summer holidays. Every detail has been considered from the cast undergoing tactical training, the special access to restricted

Fathy Abdel Wahab: An Actor’s Perspective

When you’re as talented as Fathy Abdel Wahab it is difficult to avoid the spotlight and the fame, even if it’s not high on...

Ahmed Dash: How He Created Fawaz in Tayea’

If there is one name everyone was buzzing about during Ramadan season, it was Ahmed Dash, the fresh young talent gracing the scenes in...
Nahed El Sebai

Nahed El Sebai: New Films, New Plans

When one of Egypt's most popular stars comes out with exciting personal news to add to her award-winning status, we know she is having...