Gathering the family around the dinner table has become increasingly important in this fast-paced world we live in today. A world in which we are all busy “doing” more than “being”. We have compiled for you the top four reasons to bring the family together to share a meal.

Form tight bonds 

Meals tie people together, especially family members. It’s time to disconnect from all external distractions and to connect with each other. As the discussion flows, you will learn more about each other, while as a parent, you will give your children more quality time. This will not just generate loads of family moments, but it will add intimacy and warmth to your family relationships.

Share intimacy and warmth

Family meals are an opportune time to check on your child’s emotional well-being, develop that time into a safe-zone that is judgment-free and criticism-free. The benefits of this are extended even after they leave the nest; studies prove that adolescents are less likely to experience depressive symptoms and less likely to consume tobacco if there have more family meals.

Improve overall life skills

Family meals are a fully developed learning experience, with all your senses involved: touch, vision , taste and smell while engaging in diverse conversations! It’s a free ticket to lessons in life. You are all sharing values, ideas and gaining a lot of social skills like problem-solving and negotiation skills.

Your preschoolers are involved in more conversation, which has a direct impact on their language and social development. For older kids, their day is mostly between friends, teachers, and screen-time, the family meal is their window to how adults interact and cooperate. It is a chance for you to get involved in shaping their persona.

It’s enough to say that school grades are also improved. “Teens who have dinner with their families 7 times a week are almost 40% more likely to receive A’s and B’s in school compared to teens who have dinner with their families two or fewer times a week.”

Develop healthy eating habits

Eating nutritious home cooked meals together can encourage healthy eating habits, and can increase children’s daily fruit and vegetable intake. Studies prove that regular family meals decrease the rate of unhealthy weights and obesity. Children ages 9 to 14 who have more regular dinners with their families are 12% less likely to become obese.

It is your time now to start planning for regular family dinners, while it’s a challenging job, it’s worth all the effort; you will be surprised to see how mealtime can have a great impact on the health and wellness of your whole family.

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