COVID-19 Vaccines

The Egyptian government has planned to vaccinate 40 million people, and as of June 1st, 2021, a total of 2,698,411 vaccine doses have been administered. The main vaccines currently available in Egypt are Sinopharm and AstraZeneca/Oxford, both of which are authorized by the WHO for emergency use. COVID-19 Vaccines

The Sinopharm vaccine is made from inactivated Coronavirus that cannot replicate or cause an infection but can only teach the immune system to make antibodies against the virus.

The AstraZeneca vaccine contains the gene for the coronavirus spike protein contained in a harmless virus that can’t replicate or cause an infection but only delivers the coronavirus genetic material that will teach the immune system to make antibodies against the virus spike protein.


According to WHO, the Sinopharm vaccine efficacy results showed that the vaccine prevented symptomatic disease and hospitalization in 79% of those vaccinated, while AstraZeneca saw an efficacy of 80% against symptomatic COVID-19 infection.

Both vaccines are highly effective in preventing severe COVID-19, hospitalization and death due to COVID19. COVID-19 Vaccines

Common Side Effects

Mild to moderate vaccine side effects are normal.  Typical side effects include pain at the injection site, fever, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, chills and diarrhea.

Red Flags

If you have any of the following symptoms after vaccination, you should consult a doctor:

  • Breathlessness
  • Chest or stomach pain
  • Swelling or coldness in the leg
  • A severe or worsening headache (particularly 3 or more days after the vaccine)
  • Blurred vision
  • Many small bruises, reddish or purplish spots, persistent bleeding or blood blisters under the skin.
Myths and Facts

Myth: The vaccines can cause infertility

Fact: There is no vaccine that can cause infertility. This was due to a rumor that the virus spike protein looks like a protein in the placenta and thus the vaccine will make antibodies that can attack the placental protein and cause infertility. The truth is that the two spike proteins are completely different and receiving the COVID-19 vaccine will have no effect on women’s fertility. COVID-19 Vaccines

Myth: Some vaccines can change our genetic material

Fact: The vaccines are either the inactivated virus or they induce our cells to make the viral protein, and this by no means affects our DNA.

Myth: I don’t need a vaccine if I’ve already had a COVID-19 infection.

Fact: People who have already been infected with COVID-19 may still benefit from vaccination. Therefore, previously infected people are encouraged to get the vaccine due to the serious health hazards connected with COVID-19 and the possibility of re-infection.

Myth: I don’t need the vaccine because I’m not at risk for severe COVID-19 consequences. COVID-19 Vaccines

Fact: Aside from your own risk you can transfer it to others at higher risk, so it’s critical to get vaccinated. It is not just for your own safety, but also for the safety of your family and community.

Myth: Because vaccines developed so rapidly, the COVID-19 vaccines are risky.

Fact: Licensed vaccines are proven safe, effective and they meet all safety requirements. There were no steps in the trials that were bypassed. However, because of unprecedented global collaboration and investment, the vaccines were developed in a shorter period of time.

Myth: COVID-19 vaccines can give you COVID-19 infection

Fact: The COVID-19 vaccines are either the inactivated virus or part of the virus that triggers our bodies to make antibodies against the virus. Thus they cannot replicate in your body and cannot infect you with the virus.

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