Hotels in Fayoum

By Zainab AbdulAziz

An hour and a half from Cairo, near the shore of Lake Qarun on the outskirts of Tunis Village, Omar Abu Gabal has established an oasis of calm seclusion named Ta-Che. This boutique guesthouse has six rooms of varying sizes, gorgeous gardens, a pool, and a firepit for those nights spent stargazing.

How it all started…

Abu Gabal, a Cairene by birth, has family roots in Fayoum and spent a lot of time in the surrounding area since childhood. After 30 years working in the agricultural export business, he decided to share his experience of Fayoum with visitors. Ta-Che opened last December to great success.

The views from the balconies and terraces are unmatched, with a lush 360 view of palm trees, fruit tree groves, lake view and mountain plateau. Abu Gabal’s inspiration for the space is born from the clean and fresh air, with copious amounts of seating corners and space for visiting groups wishing to relax and unwind. More Travel Reviews

The kitchen offers traditional Fayoumi cuisine such as home-raised pigeon and duck, a famous staple of the area. Poultry, tagine dishes, an assortment of mezze, salads, soups and pastas are available, with breakfast options either foul and taameya or heavenly feteer with honey. Every dish is clean and homemade, absolutely delicious and perfect for sharing.

Having visited Fayoum many times, what sets Ta-Che apart is a homely and familiar feeling, and the stunning view unmatched by any other lodge or hotel in the area. The location is truly one of a kind in that respect. Additionally, the quality of the service and attention to detail is higher than similar lodgings in the area. The staff are courteous and eager to please, making every visitor feel cared for.

With a small number of rooms, bookings are hot and in demand. Abu Gabal currently has plans to renovate some of the interiors of the rooms and plans a future expansion plan to build up to 30 more rooms.

Need to know essentials

  • Ta-Che currently has six rooms, four upstairs and two downstairs.
  • All rooms have a lakeview, with the exception of one garden view room downstairs.
  • All rooms benefit from air conditioning, and the pool is open year-round.
  • The kitchen closes at 9 pm in winter and 11 pm in summer.
  • Ta-Che has the space and capacity to host events.
  • Desert excursions, sandboarding, camping, visits across the lake and to Wadi el Hitan are available by request.

Contact Information:
General Manager Mohamed Ali Kamel
Reservations: 0100 077 6694
Instagram: @tache.fayoum