love texts

Who doesn’t love love? Show your mama, dad, sister, brother, best friend, partner, wife or husband some love and send them a sweet text to let them know that you are thinking about them and to make their day. They will appreciate it a lot, especially if they are having a bad day. love texts

By Mariam Elhamy

  1. I was just thinking about how wonderful you are. Thought you should know.
  2. You’re everything to me and I am beyond lucky to have you.
  3. I’m counting down the minutes until I get to see texts
  4. I can’t stop thinking about how insanely beautiful/handsome/hot you are.
  5. Sometimes I look at you and can’t believe you’re with me. What did I do to deserve you? love texts
  6. Even when things get tough, I’ll always fight for you.
  7. My day would’ve been much better if you were in it.
  8. I do not want to spend another day without you.
  9. I know that no one is perfect, but you’re pretty damn close.
  10. I’m getting butterflies just thinking about seeing you later texts
  11. It’s amazing how everything makes me think of you. What on earth did I think about all the time before I met you? love texts
  12. I’m falling hard for you and I’m loving the fall…
  13. You keep running around in my thoughts. I can’t think straight.
  14. If I knew this was the way it felt to be in love, I would have found you a long time ago so I could love you longer. love texts
  15. Thinking of you makes me smile to myself like an idiot.
  16. Every time we part, I realize I want to be closer to you.
  17. All I have ever wanted is to have you for life.
  18. I feel like I’m in heaven when I’m with you.

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