We’re opening up our summer homes and discovering a lot of missing items and necessities. The next time you go shopping keep in mind these amazing items that will make your summer home comfier than ever! Summer Home Essentials

By Mariam Elhamy

Pure Linen Bed Sheets by Ariika

You will sleep so much better in these light soft beddings.

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Light Throw Blankets by Zara Home, Matalan and Ikea

Hot weather calls for lighter throw blankets. Summer Home Essentials

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Turkish Towels by Ariika

These lightweight fast dry Turkish towels are perfect to dry with after a dip in the pool.

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Glass Pitcher by Tulipe

The perfect lemonade pitcher makes the perfect mint lemonade or ice tea.

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Citrus essential oils by Areej

A Summer home needs to smell like fresh-cut grass, warm Summer sun and all things Citrus! You can use lemon and orange essential oils in diffusers and cleaning supplies.

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SATSUMAS Plant Pots Stand by Ikea

Add a touch of greenery to your summer home with this minimal pots stand.

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Artistic Throw Pillows by Egypt Factory

Egypt Factory also lets you design and print your own designs. Summer Home Essentials

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Beach Themed Vases by The Ego Gallery

Who doesn’t need some sandy shell-themed vases for decor?

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Ice Box by BouriĀ 

To store watermelon slices for those hot days on the beach.

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Kitchen Trolley by Ikea

For when you want to sip on some coffee or have fresh fruits out on the terrace.

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Ideas for Outdoor Hammocks, Pots and Planters