summer hair care

When it comes to our hair we don’t take it lightly and we know that summer weather is harsh on our hair, making it frizzy, dry and damaged. To keep your hair looking healthy at the end of the summer just like it was at the beginning, here some tips from the hair experts to make sure your hair doesn’t lose its shine this summer. summer hair care

By Mariam Elhamy

  1. Shield your hair from the sun by wearing a scarf or a hat. You love your hair color but it fades in any direct exposure to the sun, wearing any cover will protect it and help your scalp retain moisture. summer hair care
  2. Before going out in the sun apply any UV filter hair care product, whether cream, spray or gel, it will keep your strands from getting scorched.
  3. Before taking a dip in the pool or the sea, wash your hair and use a leave-in conditioner, if your hair is drenched with clean water and conditioner it won’t absorb as much salt water or chlorine from the pool. summer hair care
  4. At least once or twice a week, give your hair a break from blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons and apply a deep conditioning mask as treatment. summer hair care
  5. Don’t style your hair in really tight hairstyles, they tend to pull and tear hair, especially if it’s dry from the summer heat. Instead, go for a stylish messy braid or bun that is ideal for keeping your hair under control and minimizing exposure to the sun.
  6. Wash your hair less, frequent washing strips your scalp of its natural oils.
  7. To control frizz, make a mix of water, aloe vera, and avocado oil or argan oil. Keep it on hand and spritz whenever you need a bit of moisture and control.
  8. Use some coconut, olive, or avocado oil or shea butter to smooth, de-frizz, and moisturize your locks after shampooing. The oil will give some shine and, if you have wavy hair, create natural, air-dried curls. summer hair care
  9. Avoid pulling anything through your hair when it’s wet since that’s when it’s most susceptible to breaking. Wide-tooth combs are most gentle for untangling hair, as brushes can pull and tear your strands leaving them damaged. summer hair care