Thinking of new ways to decorate your summer home? Think no more because we’ve got all the ideas that will inspire you to start spicing up your summer home with a few items that might also be useful. summer decor ideas

By Mariam Elhamy

Paint Everything in White

Summer means more light and more sun. When you paint your summer home in white including furniture and textiles, you’re inviting more light and space into your home.

Add Pops of Color Everywhere

Swap in graphic paintings, fresh flowers, or vibrant dishes for the fastest possible makeover. Try to include soft, light, summery colors. summer decor ideas

Turn Your Rooms Into a Beach Theme

A beach-themed decor will never make you feel away from the sea even when you’re at home.

Add Some Summery Fruit Decor

A very simple idea when wanting to add some bright color is picking a very plain bowl or basket and filling it with oranges, green apples or any summery fruits that you have.

Designate A Corner For Beach Gear

summer decor ideasOrganize all your beach gear neatly away in a woven basket or something similar in one corner.

Invest in A Bar Cart 

Bring all the items you need to the terrace on one stroller. Neatly put together your sunscreen, mosquito spray, towels, glasses, magazines, fresh juice or tea on a bar cart and bring it outside. summer decor ideas

Make Some Colorful Summery Tissue Paper Flowers

These DIY flowers will add a nice touch to your bare walls and they are so easy to make. The supplies you need are colorful tissue paper, a stapler and scissors. With just a few steps, you can create these lovely flowers.

Use Ropes as Curtain Rings

summer decor ideasIt not only gives off a nautical vibe, but it also holds your curtains!

Hang Flowy White Curtains Everywhere

Flowy curtains give off a relaxed vibe.

Make An Inverted Coffee Table

summer decor ideasIndustrial-basket turned to a coffee table is a great option for a no-fuss DIY summer home coffee table idea. summer decor ideas

Design A Sea-Inspired Wind Chimes

Collect some items on the beach and make your own beach-themed wind chimes.

Make A Seashell Vase Centerpiece

Buy a small fishbowl and fill it halfway through with sand then fill it with seashells that you’ve collected yourself. It will always take you back to the sea when you look at it.

Install an Outdoor Shower

summer decor ideasRinsing off sand, saltwater or sweat feels so much more refreshing under the open sky. And the whole family will enjoy it. summer decor ideas