milk uses

Who would have thought that milk has more to offer us than just benefiting our bodies? Milk is an essential part of our daily lives; in our cereal bowl or our frozen yogurt and ice cream. Surprisingly, milk has other beneficial uses that may amaze you. milk uses

Try these six different ways to use milk:

Clean and soften dirty hands

The best way to clean your work-soiled hands is with milk and oats. Just create a paste-like texture, then rub it vigorously on your hands. Yes, you read that correctly. Milk is often used in our skincare rituals, and this is a tried and tested way to make your hands smooth and clean. milk uses

Repair cracked china

Don’t throw away any damaged vintage pieces, as glue is not the only way to repair them. Try this hack to repair your cracked china plates! Place the plate in a pan, cover it with milk (fresh or reconstituted powdered milk), and bring to a boil. When the boiling process begins, lower the heat and simmer for about 45 minutes. The protein in the milk will miraculously meld even the finest cracks.

Polish silverware

Finding time to polish your silverware can be a struggle, but sour milk can be an easy solution. You may not have any old milk lying around or, but you can create it by adding a splash of vinegar to fresh milk. Soak your silver for half an hour to loosen the tarnish, wash with warm water and soap, and start buffing with a soft cloth. Sparkle ready and done! milk uses

Soften calluses

Sore calluses? Not to worry. Calm painful bumps down by soaking a round cotton ball in milk then applying it straight to the afflicted area. It will instantly soften and moisturize the lump. You can thank us later! milk uses

Smooth shaving

Powdered milk with some water and sugar is a DIY shaving cream hack. It not only moisturizes your face but also helps the razor to glide smoothly while shaving.

Clean patent leather

You would be surprised at how clean your leather bags or shoes can look with just a dab of milk. Dab some milk on the stain, let it dry then buff with a dry cloth. Voila!

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