sportswear made in egypt

Every day, more and more of us are dedicating time to keeping our fitness levels as high as we can. From gym workouts to team sports or a morning jog, we need to throw on the right comfortable gear to suit the task at hand.

Sigma Fit took a long hard look at the clothing required and found that a lot more could be done to improve the available product range. We chatted with co-founder Omar El Metwally to get the full story.

Omar, how did Sigma Fit come into being?

We are three petroleum engineers who thought that our clothing didn’t make sense, with no innovation at all except color, feel or design. We thought, “What if clothing could do much more, like enhancing your performance, or emitting rays that heal your body or track your physical activities, or even if you didn’t have to wash clothing so frequently?” From here the idea of the word TechWear was born.

Did you see a lack in the quality of existing sportswear in the market?

It was never only about sportswear or only lack of quality. It was more that sportswear should be the most advanced wear and there was nothing available locally like our products. After the dollar devaluation, international brands became extremely expensive.

What can you tell us about the special properties of your technologically based ranges?

We have a wide range of technologies, like hydrophobic liquid-repellent clothing that repels liquids, stains, and odor, allowing you to work out without worrying too much about how much you sweat. Our Heatlock clothing is super light but still locks the heat inside, keeping you warm when you need it.

The collection of Antibacterial clothing is made with silver to fight bacteria growth, and our Antiviral wear helps to block the coronavirus from penetration. We also produce clothing with embedded sensors to help monitor the body.

Do you have anything else in the pipeline?

Yes, we are working on several new concepts. One is implementing new technologies in augmented reality and hologram in sales. And we are going for supply of clothing to more football teams. We also see a need for sports underwear and sports hijabs so that is underway.

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