Sapporo Japanese

A big welcome back to Sapporo, with Chef Komatsu at the helm! We can’t wait to try the new menu. Of course, our all-time favorite teppanyaki is still the main attraction for us, but there are some intriguing new dishes we would love to investigate as well.

Type of cuisine: Japanese, teppanyaki.

Signature dishes: Teppanyaki, sushi

What You Will Find

Although you may be tempted to dive straight into the sushi selection and teppanyaki specialties, you would be well advised to start off with some of the authentic appetizers. We like the sound of the Gyoza Dumpling, a traditional pan-fried chicken specialty, with Asian vegetables and a hot and sour soy sauce. We would pair those with Prawn Tempura, which comes with sweet chili and a Japanese aioli sauce.

It would be remiss not to leave plenty of space for a platter of sushi; odds are we would agree on the Kushiro selection, with 25 pieces including 12 nigiri or 12 sashimi, 3 California roll, 3 Seattle roll, 4 crispy tempura and 3 spicy tuna. Too much for two? Just watch us!

Which would bring us to the main event. Even if we had no special occasion to celebrate, we would still splurge on the Hakodate set menu. Can you beat a sizzling mix of prawn, sea scallops, salmon and beef fillet? Bear in mind that the teppanyaki comes with miso soup, green salad, and fried and grilled seasonal vegetables.

There is nothing overly heavy, so we would probably wind up relaxing over a leisurely dessert. A nibble of Mattcha Cake anyone, or Lemongrass Crème Brulee with Ice Cream?

What We Would Try on Future Visits

Sapporo has a variety of tempting soups and salads, as well as sides like fried rice, vegetables and noodles. There is something for all tastes, and vegans and vegetarians would find plenty to enjoy.

Beverages: There is a full bar, in addition to refreshing soft options.

Contact information

Opening hours: 

Address: Cairo Sheraton Hotel

Tel: 0102 221 6883 or 02 3336 9800

Facebook: sappororestaurantcairo

Instagram: sapporojap

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