Amr Reda

If you are in the loop you must know at least a few people who have emerged from a cocoon of flab, slack muscles and unwanted weight thanks to the dedicated support of fitness and wellbeing professional Amr Reda. And yes, celebrities and athletes included.

As head coach at MOVE, Egypt’s innovative fitness hub, Amr Reda has overseen remarkable transformations thanks to his Remove program. We caught up with him early one morning to learn more.

Amr, can you tell us what Remove is all about?

Remove is an all fitness levels program. One of its main key features is that it includes customized meal plans which work on helping participants reach their target goal, be it weight loss, improved shape and tone, and overall better fitness.Amr Reda

Is Remove suitable for everyone, in all age groups?

Naturally, any serious health condition should definitely be taken into consideration. As professional coaches, we tend to ask a series of questions before anyone joins the program, including health questions to learn if those interested suffer from any medical conditions, or if they are on medication, etc. In some cases, I ask the participants and athletes if their doctor allows them to train. Amr Reda

How long does it usually take to see results?

Targets differ from one person to the other. For me it’s always about the discipline and consistency put in by the individual. For example, if a coach tells a person, “I’ll make you lose x number of kilos in a specific time frame”, I believe that is unprofessional.

But as a general answer, people tend to see changes in a month, and with 3-6 months of hard work we are talking about a massive transformation.

Do you tailor the program for each person?

Although the program is not an individualized program, there is a strategy behind the training. For example, someone may be overweight and someone else may just need to tone their body. Both reach their goal through the same program. That’s what I call the secret recipe of Remove. Amr Reda

Amr RedaHow do you select the dietary elements in the program?

There is a questionnaire that gets sent to the participants to understand more about their body type and food preferences, also if one has food allergies. Accordingly, I work on the meals. Different types of meal plans would include a low carb diet, a vegetarian diet, a pescatarian diet, a high protein diet or a carb cycling diet for example.

For the average person, I would say three meals and two snacks per day. But again, I play on the calorie count, because weight loss is about calories in vs. calories out. I normally require a BMI to be sent by the person so I can properly calculate their caloric intake and also monitor their progress. 

What about physical training?

We focus on strength training and HIIT. Sessions can be carried out in our physical location or via our online platform using Zoom. Amr Reda

Is online support available?

Yes, I do offer online support for my participants through WhatsApp, and sometimes over Zoom.

Amr RedaHow can you be reached on the North Coast this summer?

I’ll be available at MOVE in Telal starting from the Eid vacation most days, by 11 am. Or through my Instagram page Amrrreda.

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