By: Mariam Elhamy

Tired of looking at the same things every day? Redecorating can be expensive but not with a few DIYs and some simple tricks. To get you started we compiled these cool hacks and ideas in one place.

Choose the Right Wallpaper

A dull room can look so much cooler with the right wallpaper choice. Check out our wallpaper picks for this year

Lighting is Important

Every room’s mood is determined by its lighting, soft lighting brings a calm and relaxed mood and strong lighting can bring alertness. Determine the best lighting for your living space depending on the purpose of every room. Try to pick energy-efficient bulbs. 

Cool Light Switches

Upgrade your light witches to something elegant or cool that looks modern and interesting.

Try Out Ceiling Wallpaper

Ever thought of ceiling wallpaper? Adding wallpaper to your ceiling can completely transform the feel and decor of a room.

Don’t Be Afraid of DIY

A little DIY decor goes a long way. Pick out something cool and easy to do with some old mason jars or any boxes and get creative with your crafts!

Go Dark in Some Spaces

Going dark is scary but it can look very elegant with the right shades and accessories.

Splurge on the Coffee Table

Coffee tables are underrated but they make or break your living room so don’t be afraid to splurge on them or even make your own customized one.

Low Ceiling = High Furniture

When you have a room with a low ceiling don’t make the rookie mistake of buying low furniture. That just puts emphasis on how low the height of the room is. Instead, buy high furniture.

Make the Most of Natural Light

The bigger your windows are the better! Natural light brightens a room and makes it more natural to live in.

Swap Chairs for Benches

Benches are more intimate than chairs and people automatically go for the bench every time.

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