Positive Thinking

Does the overly sold “Fake it till you make it” attitude really work? We surely don’t think so, and here’s why! Avoiding negative thoughts like it’s the plague will definitely draw more of the negativity that we’re trying to avoid. Hiding or faking emotions also cultivates suppressing and silencing these inner emotions, which never serve us well.

How about, instead of forcing pseudo-positivity, we discover the real secret to happiness. Probably; less thinking, judging, analyzing, posing, and acting? Or is it more love, acceptance, genuineness, adventures and, joy?

We should know how to free our minds of the constant obligation of telling ourselves how we should feel. So what are the steps to cultivate healthy positivity? Positive Thinking

By Olesia Dovzhenko

1. Get Busy

Busy people are far happier than lazybones. The feeling of being needed and providing value for this world gives us strength and more energy, than aimless living. Study, discover, and educate yourself! Find your purpose and dedicate a lifetime of living to it!

2. Notice

“Where your focus goes – your energy flows!” – Tony Robbins.

Challenge yourself to focus on the positive things every day. Cultivate gratitude by counting your blessings every time you wake up, fall asleep, or even when you feel down. Develop that child-like observing attitude once you walk by some pleasant area (ex. park), noticing the smallest details that make you fall into an appreciative state of being.

3. Breathe

Positive ThinkingPractice pausing the moment and simply breathe! Master calming or energizing breathing techniques to clear your mind and refresh your inner senses. These exercises cultivate your sensory awareness, which with time, can gift you the ability to intuitively read your body! Positive Thinking

4. Anticipate

Develop an approach to life to always expect the best. By doing so, not only do you program your brain to become more productive in seeking solutions, but also give you a sense of hope that will boost your energy levels. Positive Thinking

Remember: anticipation about a positive future means an expectation of positive outcomes that could lead to them.

5. Be playful

If something unpleasant happens in your life, tell yourself with a convincing tone of voice “It’s for the better! I am ready for something newer and greater!” Release discordance of emotions and avoid inner clash. Take every situation as a game where you tell yourself, “I’m open for newness.” Positive Thinking

6. Taste

For the foodies out there, we’ve got some good news! Yes, food plays a huge role in our lives, enabling our brains to function properly. However, some foods can quickly boost our mood: dark chocolate, salmon, almonds, banana, berries, and many more. Learn to discover new flavors, indulge in healthy foods that trigger your pleasure senses.

7. Travel

positive thinkingTravel does expand you! By exploring previously unknown destinations, we become an upgraded version of ourselves. New emotions, senses, feelings fueled with excitement and novelty will always push our limits and give us a boost of joy. Trust in it. Positive Thinking

8. Drop the Routine

Consciously decide to leave your comfort zone. Why? Simply because it will never serve you well! By committing to the same blueprint for life, you literally live in the past as your brain is a hub of all your yesterdays and everything you consciously and unconsciously expose yourself to. Positive Thinking

Instead, activate new neural pathways that will enable you to function differently! Go after the innocent joy that your heart truly desires! Try new things, eat different food, explore, meet new people, etc. Positive Thinking

Different mindset = new experiences = new state of happiness.

Here, you have explored the ways to uplift your emotional state in order to cultivate a positive approach. Remember to take full accountability for your emotions, as no one is responsible for them but you. Take a conscious decision to positively change.

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