Learn more about Osama Elhady, the man behind Shamba in Leabet Newton and the musician who did many successful songs like Ashan Lazem Nekoun Maa Baad and El Rad Mabiewsalsh Leh. Osama has just released his newest song Lesa Feya Heel with a brand new music video like nothing we’ve seen before. Here’s how he does it all.

By Mariam Elhamy

Tell us about your newest song ‘Lesa Feya Heel’. What was the idea behind the video?

The idea behind Lesa Feya Heel started with a transition phase in my life. I collaborated with a music producer called Hudz, we had done another song called El Rad Mabiewsalsh Leh and we wanted to present something totally new while keeping it real at the same time.

That’s where the video came in, it was really easy to just make a colorful outdoor one like we’ve done before but instead, we wanted a video that shows a journey. It starts out with someone who keeps struggling and falling alone until he finds his crew and they all face their fears together and they start performing for a big audience on stage.

This all is shown in the choreography made by Ziad Ali, the sequence of the music video and the dancers: Swaggers Crew. I feel like this song says a lot about me personally and I believe that a lot of people will relate to it as well.

Osama ElhadyYou’ve stopped releasing new songs for 4 years. Why the long pause?

I believe that in 2015 I was a different Osama, back then I was making music that was safe and people liked it. But now I want to show my transition and introduce my audience to a different music experience that might not be very well known in the media field.

Tell us the story from the beginning. What got you into music and acting?

I started playing music in 2008, first I learned to play guitar then violin. I used to stay at home all day and just play music until I realized that I didn’t just want to be a guitar player, I wanted to create art through music.

I was writing my own songs and singing them but my voice was terrible so I got someone else to sing them but he just didn’t sound the way I heard them in my head. So I decided to start singing and gradually got better at it then I started a band.

Later in 2012, the true beginning of my music career started with Ashan Lazem Nekoun Maa Baad, which was a very important checkpoint in my life. After that, I played at many concerts all over Egypt and I got deals and sponsorships.

In 2016, I started my own album Yawman Ma Hateer. I did a tour and 2 concerts in Morocco and went to Jordan with Youtube. I then wrote El Rad Mabiewsalsh Leh, which was another milestone for me. The video was made during Ramadan in 5 different cities (Dahab, Ras Shitan, Siwa, Ismailia and Cairo) in 4 days, it was exhausting but the result was really good.Osama Elhady

I wanted to learn to perform well in my music videos and not just stand there with my guitar. Mr Hani Sarhan recommended that I go to an acting workshop with Marwa Gebril. I enjoyed it very much and I got 2 small scenes in El Ab El Rohi then I starred again in season 2 and in El Tofan and that’s when I decided I wanted to create art as well in acting not just music.

Which do you enjoy doing the most out of music, acting and directing?

I enjoy directing the most and I believe it’s the hardest. In acting, I just have to prepare for the role. In music, I have to think about the production, the video, the sound, the mix, the marketing, etc. but in directing I have to focus on all the elements and present them together in a way that creates new art.

Was playing Shamba in Leabet Newton hard to do? Did you relate to it?

This role is really well written and I had a lot of inputs for it when I first got it. It was hard to play alongside Mohamed Mamdouh, Mona Zaki, Sayed Ragab and especially Mr. Tamer Mohsen but overall I really enjoyed playing Shamba, it was a unique experience for me.

If you could change anything in your role or the events of the series what would you change?

I would have liked to be in a scene with Mohamed Farrag (Moenes) and Adam El Sharkawy (Zee).

Which was your favorite scene to play?

The scene when Shamba was pissed at Hazem for yelling at him in front of the rest of the workers and Hazem was trying to ask him to bring him opium. I really understood Shamba’s feelings being mad at Hazem and knowing that he can’t really quit but he’s just trying to get him to apologize.

Which of your songs was a huge success that you didn’t expect?

El Rad Mabiewsalsh Leh had a new style of music and video so I didn’t know what to expect and it made a great impact. It was also the first million hit after Ashan Lazem Nekoun Maa Baad.Osama Elhady

Which singer did you enjoy playing with on stage the most?

Amir Eid in 2012 and Hany Adel in 2016, which was a dream come true.

Who do you consider your role model?

Hani Sarhan.

Favorite music genre?


What do you do when you’re not acting or making music?

I love sleeping.

What are your upcoming plans regarding directing and filmmaking?

Once I feel like I’ve reached what I want with music I’d like to make a short film.

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