The busier our day becomes the more we welcome ideas that can streamline activities eating away at our leisure time. Hat’s off to Ordera. We chatted with Operations and Communication Manager Menna Bedawy to find out more.

What motivated you to launch Ordera?

We saw a huge gap in the F&B industry, the lack of technology in the take-away experience has always been a challenge that the customers have had to go through on a daily basis. We decided to fill the gap by introducing the first pickup/drive-thru application.

How many people do you have in your team?

We currently run the whole operation with 12 team members.

What is involved in the process of using the app?

We’ve invested an enormous amount of time perfecting the user experience, to make it very smooth and enjoyable. We use Google Maps to accurately estimate the time of arrival, based on when we start preparing your order, just to make sure that the order is fresh and hot upon your arrival. We’re also the first ordering app to integrate a built-in loyalty program, so the user can always get rewarded.

How successful has it been to date?

Very successful! We are one of the few startups that were positively impacted by COVID19. What used to be a nice-to-have, kind of a luxurious service, now became a necessity. We became very attractive to both the users and the venues.

What products do you deal with?

We are focusing on the entire F&B sector, ranging from coffee, breakfast, fast food, dessert and even convenience stores.

Which areas do you cover, and what are your plans for expansion?

We’re currently covering all of Cairo, and we’re launching in Alexandria this month. As for further expansion, we’re currently studying our regional expansion.

What advice would you give young people who want to launch a new business?

The customer always comes first, starting from acknowledging customers and validating their opinion, to caring and putting customer satisfaction, feedback and needs first no matter how fast you scale. Always put the customer as the most important factor in the equation.