Even the most jaded palates should get excited at the prospect of a new culinary adventure at Ni in Park St. Who could have dreamed that two distinctive cuisines could complement each other with such stunning results?

Type of cuisine: Italian-Japanese fusion, along with a host of international favorites.

Signature dishes: Truffle Pizza, Crispy Spicy Salmon, Rock Shrimp, Apple Ginger fruit cocktail, Chili Passion fruit cocktail

What You Will Find

Ni boasts an impressive menu, so diners will find themselves spoilt for choice. There are options for every mood and all tastes, ranging through salads, sharing platters, Focaccia sandwiches, pasta, wok stir-fried noodles, Robata grill, various side dishes and a comprehensive Japanese corner with specialties from teriyaki to sushi and sashimi.

I suspect we would mix it up a bit and try something from each section. How about Red Quinoa Salad, with a mind-boggling combination of red quinoa, tomato, apple and pomegranate with pesto sauce, cucumber, black raisins, iceberg lettuce, baby rocca, pine nuts and walnuts, drizzled with a lemony oil dressing? Ni Park St.

Followed up with Zukury Salmon, thin slices of salmon, coriander, togarashi, green chili, spring onions and sesame seeds? Of course, we would leave space for a selection of sushi and maki from the Japanese corner before heading for our main dishes. A plate of Homemade Gnocchi Truffle would go down a treat, as would Sweet & Sour Crispy Prawns from the Robata grill.

Dessert would have to be a brownie served with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, fresh strawberry, caramel and chocolate sauce. That is just too irresistible. Although, we would definitely be back to try the crêpes. Diet on hold!

Top tip: Don’t miss out on trying Ni’s unique breakfast menu. It includes authentic breakfasts from Oslo, Rome, London, Beirut, Vienna, Paris, and even Eden, a truly global experience! NiBeverages: Smoothies, virgin juice cocktails, fresh juices, hot beverages and other soft options.

Contact information

Opening hours: 10 am to 11:30 pm (currently 9 pm due to Covid-19 restrictions).

Address: Park St, Sheikh Zayed Ni Park St.

Facebook: NI-110285601135576

Instagram: ni.egypt

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