The Blue Elephant 2

Marwan Hamed’s masterful take starring Karim Abdel Aziz and Nelly Karim proved to be such an enormous hit five years ago, now the team is back for a second run this summer with the help with Hend Sabri and Eyad Nassar. We sat down with Nelly to find out what is in store when The Blue Elephant returns.

CWM: The Blue Elephant was a huge hit in 2014, what can fans expect from part two?

Audiences should definitely expect more than the first movie, and expect to be blown away. This is a very strong story that is deeply engaging, with strong characters that are on the brink of violence. The second installment has even more elements and moving parts than the first, so fans are in for a wild ride.

Tell us about how your character has changed since the first movie five years ago, what can the audience expect?

Lobna has certainly undergone some major changes since the first film, in terms of her emotional development. I feel like her character in part one didn’t have the sort of depth that it does in this script. This script and plot offers her the chance to branch out a lot more once gives her the opportunity for a stronger performance.

Why do you think this movie is so popular with audiences?

The plot and the production! When I watched the trailer for our film, if there hadn’t been Arabic on the titles, I would have thought it’s an international film! The quality is that good.

Some movies could be great on paper, but the production doesn’t support in the making of a great final product. For example, this movie has an element of graphics and animation and it isn’t done in a cheap way. Marwan Hamed is the sort of director that won’t allow work in his films that isn’t 100% up to standard. If you think the trailer is good, just wait until you see the film.

What were some of the hardest scenes to film in the movie?

I think it’s challenging in itself to play the same character after five years because it involves a degree of continuity in order to remain authentic and believable. Lobna’s character in itself requires a lot of ups and downs, like a rollercoaster, so nearly every scene is challenging and difficult.

Does working on such an intense role affect your personal life as well?

I don’t have enough of a personal life for it to be affected (laughs)! Lobna is one of the most difficult characters I’ve ever had to play, so it is completely necessary to separate my work on her role from my own life. You’ll understand more when you see the film!

Is this the last we will be seeing of Dr. Yehia and Lobna?

I don’t think so; I would love for us to do a part three!


Favorite music at the moment?

I love a bit of variety, but Cairokee is one of my favorites. But I also like Adaweya and Mozart! It all depends on the mood.

Favorite actors?

Marion Cotillard, Meryl Strepp, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Last great TV show/movie you watched?

The Young Pope starring Jude Law.

Best way to relax?

Travel, for sure!

The Blue Elephant 2