When it comes to an urban vibe, Zamalek always delivers in spades. And Naomi is perfectly positioned to capture that street life with a ringside view.

Set overlooking the busy 26th of July St., it is protected by full-length windows, yet still enjoys an outdoor ambiance. Team that up with exceptional sushi, sashimi, Robata grill and imported beef dishes and you have the ingredients for a great night out. 

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Signatures include the Trendy Sashimi and Wagyu Golden Beef. We headed into Naomi at 5 pm on a Friday, a tad late for lunch but waaay too early for dinner, according to local habits. For us, it was just right.

We were easily persuaded when it came to trying the signature Trendy Sashimi. Neat slices of salmon and tuna, lightly seared and resting in a mouthwatering marinade. The presentation was as pretty as a picture too.

The chef will not part with the exact recipe, so we will just have to keep coming back for more. And a big thumbs up for the generous serve of wasabi and pickled ginger. Can get a bit embarrassing when you both dive for the last scrap, can’t it?

That paved the way for a platter of Classic Sushi. Our choice of California, Philadelphia and Volcano Rolls came in bite-sized rolls, fresh as can be, and a feast for the eyes as well as our taste buds. Top marks there. Looking at a vegan option, we also shared a plate of Vegetable Tempura. Served with spicy mayo on the side, it was substantial and would make a filling meal for anyone averse to meat or fish.

But meat is really a star at Naomi, and our Black Angus tenderloin proved that to a ‘t’. Tender and with sear marks from the three-level Robata grill, it came in a large portion, with a choice of sauces. The peppercorn set it off rather nicely, and while we enjoyed the accompanying hand-turned fresh vegetables, we absolutely drooled over the yummy sweet potato mash. Not to be missed. The meat is all imported, with prime cuts including Wagyu for when you really want to push the boat out.

Our other choice was the Robata-grilled Chicken Breast. It is so easy to dry out chicken breast on a grill, but rest assured, this was a juicy, tender treat that came from the hands of an expert. It was just the flavor-packed low-calorie option we had been looking for.

There was no thought of dessert by then, so we just relaxed to the background of lounge music and the incessant buzz of Zamalek traffic until it was time to head home.

Other Menu Options that Appealed

The menu is extensive, with noodle dishes, pasta and even a Wagyu Burger on offer. We would love to go back and explore some more. 


All soft options, both hot and cold. We can heartily recommend the Pomegranate Mojito and Ginger Mojito. They were both refreshing and complemented our food choices rather well.

Décor and Ambiance

Spacious and airy, Naomi is semi-enclosed. The use of simple black metal, natural wood, ambient lighting, palms and greenery gives a relaxed feel, and with ample spacing between the tables diners can feel comfortable about social distancing.

Clientele Mix: Couples and groups of friends. It seems that a steady repeat clientele has already made it a popular place to catch up with friends over some tasty food.

Price Range: Moderate upwards, but with good portion sizes.

Worth Noting: Both delivery and takeaway will be available in the very near future.

Contact information:

Opening hours: 7 am (Breakfast) until 12 am.

Address: Inside the Armed Forces Club, 26th of July St., Zamalek

Tel: 0111 004 4479

Facebook: Naomi Restaurant

Instagram: naomi.egy

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