By: Aliaa Elsherbini

They say the colder the weather, the more elegant the clothes. Now we are in autumn, and we are adding a layer or two more to our outfits. Take a look at the new fashion trends that are going to pump up your wardrobe this fall.

This year’s Fall trends are pretty fun as they incorporate funky patterns, shiny clothes, and different shapes, so take a look at what items you absolutely need to be wearing this season.

Trendy Items:

Cropped Blazers

Designers took work blazers and made them more fun by cutting them short by a few inches, giving us a new seasonal trend. The cropped blazers come in all colors and in different patterns that can fit different outfits as you can also find ones that are still long enough for business andthers for casual or evening wear.

(Faux) Leather coats

Leather is always trendy, stealing the fashion spotlight collection after collection. While leather skirts are still in-style, leather or (faux) leather coats are considered more significant statement pieces this season creating a Matrix vibe mixed with rebels in the ’70s. And we love it.

They can be worn on top of jeans and shirts for a day look or with maxi dresses, tailored pants, and heels perfect for an evening outing.

Balloon Sleeve Blouses

Oversized clothes have been in vogue for a few seasons now, and now they continue to steal the runways but with a slight change. For the Autumn collection, it’s not the whole outfit that is oversized but only the sleeves that are balloon-shaped on a fitted blouse adding some drama to your look.


Coats move away, capes are making a strong entrance into this fall’s fashion collections with their different sizes, unique cuts, and theatrical styles. Capes can serve as coats covering dresses, skirts, and pants to be taken off once settled out. Then there are the shorter versions that serve as blazers or jackets that can be worn throughout your outing like a big shawl.

Capes are expected to stay with us until the winter due to them being comfortable and wearable, and because some of them are made very warm giving you the illusion of wearing your blanket out but in an elegant way.

Bermuda – Knee Length Shorts

It’s still not cold enough to be wearing stockings under your skirts (or shorts if that is your style), but it is also not hot enough to commit to a short skirt or shorts anymore. That’s when the Bermuda Shorts come in, giving you the best of both worlds.

These knee-length shorts can be paired with a sleek white shirt and heels for a smart-casual look or paired with a graphic t-shirt and be turned into a day look.

Those shorts are guaranteed to make you seem like a fashion icon among your group of friends.

Trendy Colors:

While fall makeup trends are all about colors like we discovered from the beautiful Aya Abdelhamid, clothes are more about shades of nude with a side of metallic.

The metallic colors are not only for clothing items but are also fashionable in accessories, jewelry, and shoes.

Trendy Patterns: 

Fringes are back on jackets, pullovers, and skirts, adding fun to your outfits and can be worn with anything.

But the biggest trendy print this year is punk plaids. Yes, colorful plaid prints are all over Fall collections a la Avril Lavigne. Not only on pants, but you can push your fashion limits by wearing them on evening dresses, high-end coats, and jackets.

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