Amir Hedayah

Award-winning Egyptian songwriter, music producer and film and television director, Amir Hedayah is mostly known for his work on some of the best Arabic TV series and films, as well as for creating animated films, commercials, video games and virtual reality.

Let’s take a peek at how he does it all and the other projects he’s working on for the future. Amir Hedayah

By Mariam Elhamy

How does making music for cartoons and video games differ from making music for commercial release?

There is a big difference between creating good music and translating motion picture through music. One is created to only listen to, the other is created to complement what we see.

You can create very good music if you know how to score to picture because that’s a part of the job, but you cannot score to picture if your skills are limited to only creating good music.

And which type do you enjoy producing for the most?

I really enjoy both, each has its own type of joy, and they are incomparable.

You’re a multitalented artist who has won several awards in different directions, do you ever get overwhelmed? How do you deal with it?

It’s nice to have tangible recognition; receiving multiple awards creates a certain kind of exposure, I cannot deny that this rewarding method is very motivating and makes us as artists hungry for more. Amir Hedayah

Amir Hedayah

So yes, I do feel overwhelmed sometimes and when I do, I try to remind myself that every moment I am living was a dream for me one day, so I try to direct all my emotions to being grateful.

What do you want to convey to your fans with your music?

I want to convey whatever sincere emotion I am delivering through my music. I never care if they think I am good, talented, genius, bad or if the music sound immature or anything from this sort… I just try to make sure all the time that the only thing I care about is how they will feel, not how they will judge me.

Because I can see that this is a major problem most of the artists face nowadays, they care about the way they’re judged as artists more than they care for the audience. I’m happy that I genuinely respect the emotions of my audience.

If you had to choose between career and family what would you pick?

I would certainly leave whoever or whatever put me in the situation to choose.

What’s the ultimate dream for you?

To keep creating music for as long as I can, and to have a significant role in developing the music industry in the region, and mostly to leave a legacy, something that keeps living after me.

Do you believe that creativity comes from within or the world around us?

The nature of being creative is partially a type of personality, but maintaining creativity is an acquired ongoing journey. Amir Hedayah

Amir HedayahDo you have any future projects down the pipeline?

Yes, there are a lot of tracks coming down the pipeline but I never mention any details prior to releasing. Because this action sometimes creates this fake sense of achievement, and subconsciously makes us as artists slow down or procrastinate.

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