Screen star Mona Zaki is back this fall with the action-packed thriller The Black Box. In an exclusive interview Zaki shares, some insights about the much-anticipated film and about one of the hardest scenes she’s had to do.

By Mariam Elhamy

What were some of the most demanding scenes you’ve had to do in this thriller-action flick?

Action-packed movies can be very demanding on actors, most scenes were hard but I guess the most difficult one was towards the end, with four actors including myself, Farrag, Mostafa and a guest actor that I can’t reveal. There were a lot of emotional scenes as well that were pretty hard for me.

How does it feel for you to return to cinema after a long time?

I feel blessed to go back to cinema after staying away for a few years and I’m very grateful.

Do you think thrillers are something you would like to do again?

Of course, I’d like to do thrillers again. I like to do different genres but my favorite is romantic comedy.

How do you think the audience will react to the film?

I think people in general have become more cautious since the revolution, locking their doors and being wary of break-ins, so I think people will relate to the film in that way. They will feel for and be touched by some of the characters in the movie.

In your normal life, do you usually get scared of horror/thriller movies?

Well, I don’t get scared of horror or thriller movies but I do get very tense when I watch one and sometimes I can’t sleep as a result.

Is there a particular movie genre that you still fancy playing a part in?

My favorite genre is still romantic comedy. I love this genre the most from the rest of all the other genres in cinema.

What was your favorite thing about filming this movie?

Nothing specific, but a lot of things were really nice. I got to work with talented actors, a nice script, nice production company, direction, and art direction, everything actually was nice.

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