By: Mariam Elhamy

After a long day of sunbathing on the beach, a nice hearty meal at one of the restaurants in sa7el is what a person needs! Mistiqa’s view of the sky and sea takes the breath away and the food is even more fulfilling! Upon entering Mistiqa, you are welcomed by smiles from the ladies baking fresh baladi bread in the huge clay oven, and by the fragrant smell of the grill, cooking up what some could call one of the best grilled food, wafting through the air. We visited for lunch and left impressed.

Signatures Dishes: Grilled Half Chicken, Kofta, White Rice with Chicken Liver, and Quail.

Dishes Sampled 

A piece of advice for those who are visiting for the first time: don’t fill up too much on the mezze and delicious appetizers!

We dove right into the Chicken Liver appetizer, which was moist and zesty, then we dipped our Fried Kofta Balls, which were already bursting with flavor, into the baba ganoush. The baladi bread perfectly complemented the tahini, tomeya, pickled eggplant, pickles, beetroot salad, potato salad and white cheese with tomatoes that arrived next.

The Mini Sujuk is a must try; the spices paired with juicy, well-cooked meat make the dish so tasty, you won’t be sharing! The zesty Stuffed Vine Leaves and the crunchy Sambousek are also recommended, along with the Oven Pasta Béchamel, which tastes homemade.

We could smell the appetizing charcoal grilled Hawawshi coming from afar. The hawawshi is juicy and moist, and the flavor checked all the right boxes. We also tried the Grilled Kofta, the Quail and the Shish Tawook, which were all well marinated and nicely cooked on the grill.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available

Who wouldn’t love to go for Mistiqa’s breakfast?! A nice hearty Egyptian meal of beans with butter or olive oil, omelet with basterma, falafel, feteer with honey and molasses.

Beverage options include coffee, tea, fresh lemon juice and soft drinks.

Décor & Ambience 

Simple and clean décor, with lime green painted wooden chairs and wooden tables overlooking the sea. It’s an open-air restaurant so that you can enjoy the wind and the view of Rivette Mall’s lake and venues from atop.

Clientele mix: Families. 

Price range: The prices are very reasonable considering that grilled meats are offered.

Opening hours: Breakfast from 11 am to 2 pm, lunch and dinner from 2 pm to 12 am

Tel: 0128 155 5551

Facebook / Instagram: @Mistiqaeg