Listen up, this year’s edition of our favorite technology show in Las Vegas has rolled out some very covetable goodies! They may not have hit the market yet, but that’s no reason not to pop them onto your wish list.  . .CES 2020 Gadgets

Jabra Elite 45h

We all hear different sound frequencies in a unique way, and with Jabra’s MySound app, music can be tailored just for your ears. Hearing is based on factors like genetics, age, and gender, so at setup, MySound gives you a hearing test to allow the app to adjust music accordingly.

CES 2020 Gadgets

BMW i3 Urban Suite

BMW i3 Urban Suite is a car that takes self-driving technology up a few notches. Fancy catching a few minutes sleep, reading a book, or simply chatting with a friend as the car zooms in and out of Cairo traffic for you? Sounds uncannily familiar to us.

CES 2020 Gadgets

Samsung Ballie

This AI device is the cutest little ball, armed with a mobile interface, on-device artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, voice activation and an in-built camera to recognize and respond to its users. It can roll around the house, act as your very own personal assistant and even respond to commands. There’s seemingly no end to Ballie’s capabilities, from tasks like giving a wakeup call, being a fitness assistant, to recording moments or managing other smart devices in the home like TVs and vacuums. It can also keep real pets company when owners are out of the house, but teach your pooch or kitty to play nice!


If you haven’t yet managed to master the art of meditation, or simply slipping into the ‘zone’, maybe Core has the answer. The handheld meditation trainer uses vibration and biofeedback, along with an app that offers info on your health and meditation classes. Just what you need to help you focus on relaxation, breathing techniques, or mindfulness.

Hydraloop CES 2020 Gadgets

Boost your ‘green’ credentials with Hydraloop’s water recycler. With water conservation and sustainable technology high on everyone’s agenda, this could be an investment that would pay off for a long time. It filters and purifies grey water from baths, showers, and washing machines, employs a series of six maintenance-free filtration techniques, and can recycle up to 85% of the water used in the home for re-use in toilets, pools, and irrigation systems. CES 2020 Gadgets