There’s a lot more to being a serious ‘foodie’ these days. You can even roll up your sleeves and get involved in the cooking! Two eager volunteers from our team headed over to Maadi to enjoy the Mamushka experience first-hand.

The Concept

The ‘mamushka’ or mother in societies around the world has traditionally maintained and passed on culinary and cultural traditions through the daily preparation of food for her family. So it is at Mamushka. This culinary gem is the creation of sisters Marwa and Meriam Magdy. Fuelled by a vision in which food was an idea, grounded in values, in touch with its origins, certified chef Meriam above all needed a place where she could have fun experimenting with food, using local ingredients in innovative ways, and communicating with people through food. Not merely a restaurant, Maadi-based Mamushka takes things to a new level by offering an immersive experience where diners also have the option of being part of the process. Chef Meriam enthusiastically shares her knowledge and loves encouraging others to develop their skills. An added pleasure, the cozy environment invites you to relax, kick back, grab a book from the library, browse the Internet or simply chat and make new friends while your food is being prepared.

The Kitchen Experience

Aprons on and keen to start, Louby and Mariam from Cairo East Magazine learned the process of making homemade pasta from A-Z. Step by step, they mastered the gentle mixing of the ingredients, learning how to knead the dough and form it into the correct size balls, the light rolling and careful feeding of the dough through the pasta-making machine. They produced sheets of lasagna, strands of fettuccine, spirals of fusilli, dainty bow-shaped farfalle and even ravioli. Impressed by their own efforts, they also went on to learn how to make three basic but tasty sauces to go with their pasta. Now they can turn out an accomplished tomato salsa, a creamy garlic sauce and a divine blend of the two. Their verdict, “An amazing experience with wonderful people. We felt right at home, like part of the family”.

The Dining Experience

It’s up to you. Plan your dinner party menu from an enticing range of creative dishes with Chef Meriam a few days in advance, then sit back and let her take charge, or opt to make it a personalized experience where any or all of your party can choose to learn more about culinary techniques by assisting in the meal preparation. The end result is guaranteed to be a mouth-watering gastronomic adventure in a warm, lively atmosphere, whichever you choose.

Décor & Ambience

The open-plan kitchen flows into the lounge and dining areas, bringing a cohesive and inclusive vibe to the space. A large wooden table and chairs with comfy, colorful cushions provides a convivial dining spot, which can seat up to ten persons. The outdoor terrace offers simple bench seating amongst a profusion of greenery and well-tended plants. While you are waiting for your meal, the relaxing lounging area has a temptingly packed bookcase and casual seating for chilling out over a coffee or tea. The interior was created brick-by-brick by Marwa. Every element has her personal touch, and you can positively feel the love that has gone into it.

Catering:  15 – 50 persons. 7 days advance notice.

Events: Birthdays, special anniversaries, kids’ parties and more.

Cookery classes: The schedule is posted on Facebook and Instagram.

Clientele mix: It’s never too soon to instill a love of good food in your children, so classes are available for juniors as well. Everyone is made to feel welcome at Mamushka.

Price range: Very reasonable for an experience you will want to repeat on a regular basis.

Contact information

Opening hours: 11 am to 11 pm.

Address:  Corniche El Maadi, Diplo Street, Othman Towers, Tower #7

Tel:  0100 661 4746

Facebook: MamushkaTheFeedlot

Instagram: mamushkathefeedlot