Living Yards Developments

With up to 10 years of compelling payment facilities, LIVING YARDS DEVELOPMENTS (LYD) has proudly launched its latest world-class integrated iCity; (THE LOFT PLAZA), exquisitely located at the heart of Egypt’s New Administrative Capital. Throughout the past years, LYD took upon itself being one of the leading real estate developers who heavily invested in such mega national project, entrenching significant imprints with (THE LOFT) in 2018, (Loft Capital Center) in 2019 and (LOFT DOWNTOWN) in 2020.

Chairman and CEO of LIVING YARDS DEVELOPMENTS, Ayman Marzouk, stated: “With lucrative investments amounting to EGP 1.5 billion & on a spacious area spanning over 8500-SQMs, LIVING YARDS DEVELOPMENTS inaugurated its 3rd state-of-the-art iCity (THE LOFT PLAZA), distinctively sited at the heart of Egypt’s New Administrative Capital (NAC).

Leveraging (THE LOFT), (Loft Capital Center) & (LOFT DOWN TOWN) track record of successes, LYD has diligently devoted its abundant potentials to provide esteemed clientele with a unique residential experience that resembles no other. Offering splendid 35 – 200 meters’ units designed to the world’s finest architectural trends, THE LOFT PLAZA sets the bar high by complementing its elite houses with administrative, entertainment, commercial and medical smart amenities to guarantee optimum living experience to its cherished customers.”

Chief Commercial Officer at LIVING YARDS DEVELOPMENTS, Ahmed Abo Al-Saoud, commented: “Since the very first day of its establishment, LYD has especially-tailored (THE LOFT PLAZA)’s qualities with unrivaled features, building upon its strategic partners’ witnessed expertise. Thanks to YBA, our 4th phenomenal project at the New Administrative Capital is distinguished with its alluring architectural designs.

And with the well-renowned services of EFS, THE LOFT PLAZA enjoys proficient maintenance & management for its amenities. Together with Vodafone Egypt, our prodigious project is adorned with cutting-edge smart control solutions for electricity management, security services, irrigation system, and Smart Parking.”

Abo Al-Saoud added: “LYD’s endeavors to thrive with customers’ satisfaction haven’t come to an end. We’ve strived hard to provide such dazzling living experience with competitive prices & diverse payment facilities; offering up to 24% returns, 10 years installments and 40% reduction on cash payment.”

Marzouk: “Over 8500-SQMs, LYD inaugurated its 4th iCity (THE LOFT PLAZA) at the heart of NAC, leveraging (THE LOFT) & (LOFT DOWNTOWN) successes.

Abo Al-Saoud: “LYD provides a dazzling living experience with competitive prices; offering 24% returns, 10 years instalments & 40% reduction on cash payment.

Living Yards Developments is owned by two mega economic establishments; AM Group and Egyptian Swiss Group. With above 30 years of expertise in the fields of manufacturing & trading, 3000 employees and annual turnover of more than 4 billion EGP, the 2 groups guarantee a very strong financial and technical support to the company.

Living Yards Developments is entering the market with a new inspiring vision. Introducing a unique concept to the real estate market. ‘Practical Luxury’ is the mix of value for money with lavishness and diversity with luxury.

A new trend setter in the market where compromises don’t exist. Living Yards is a grand addition to the world of real estate that subscribes to the mantra of thinking the unthinkable, with the sole purpose of satisfying the unmet needs of our customers, through applying a novel methodology in delivering all of its projects. For more info on LIVING YARDS DEVELOPMENTS, kindly visit: