By: Mariam Elhamy

Walking down a narrow path on one of Zamalek’s older streets, you’ll find L’aroma nestled inside a classic building. L’aroma is your typical neighborhood café with friendly staff who know their regular customers. The cozy setting is perfect for coffee on a chilly winter morning, much like when we visited to try out some of their sandwiches, desserts … and obviously, the coffee!

Signature Dishes and Dishes Sampled

Their signature items include the coffee; certainly, but also the Twix tart and strawberry cheesecake.

The menu is comprised of freshly baked good, made from scratch on the premises, and soups, salads, pasta, sandwiches and desserts. Luckily, we sampled a bit of everything. First came the classic Grilled Chicken Caesar salad and the Tuna Pasta salad. The penne pasta came with sundried tomato pieces and dried oregano topped with shredded tuna and sweet corn.

We also tried their scrumptious club sandwich, comprising of thin slices of white toast filled with turkey, roast beef, eggs, cheese, tomato slices and lettuce. Then we bit into the Asian chicken wrap, surprisingly sweet due to the honey-soy dressing with a crunch from sesame seeds and sharp-tasting green onion slices. The oriental beef wrap was a bit chewy for our taste; the thin slices of meat were cooked with onion and bell pepper and served with tahini sauce. Both sandwiches were served with French fries. We thought we’d give their ciabatta bread a try, so we tried the roast beef sandwich and tuna sandwich – freshly prepared and perfect for a bite with coffee in the morning or a quick lunch in between work.

Finally, we got to the coffee stage! L’aroma’s coffee comes straight from Italy roasted, imported and served directly to your cup. Their menu offers a variety of hot and cold coffee drinks and flavors that you could choose from. Their cappuccino and macchiato were a hit with us, very creamy and rich in flavor. Perfect with the slice of strawberry cheesecake and Twix tart, which capped the meal nicely with a smooth ending.

Other Menu Options that Appealed and Beverages Available

The menu also had a burger section, which could be nice for lunch or dinner, and they serve waffles, pancakes and crepes. Beverages include coffee, frappe, fresh juice, ice tea, milkshakes, fizzy drinks and smoothies.

Décor and Ambience

The décor is very simple and basic with a few high tables and comfy couches making the place very cozy and laid back. There’s a display fridge with desserts and bakery items to choose from.

Clientele Mix: Friends, people having a quick coffee on the go

Price Range: Reasonable


L’aroma Contact Information 

Address: 7 Salah El Deen St, Zamalek

Working hours: 9 am to 1 am

Tel: 0101 418 846

L’aroma Facebook:

L’aroma Instagram: @laromagourmetcoffee