Moisturize products

With spring just around the corner, we say it’s time to start preparing your skin for the months ahead. If your face and body feel dry and rough, try a little nurturing with our pick of natural Egyptian products. Easy on the budget, and taking just a few minutes a day to apply, the results will say everything.


A multipurpose oil enriched with super high-quality ingredients to pamper your face, Liquid Magic is 100% natural, paraben-free, cruelty-free and chemical-free.

Vitamin E Cream – ESSENTIALS

Moisturize productsJust let your skin drink it up! This facial moisturizer formulated with aloe vera leaf juice, natural oils and hyaluronic acid, enhances skin softness and leaves skin hydrated, radiant and fresh.

Moisturizing Bundle – RHEA BEAUTY

Give your skin a vital boost with this effective combo of Hyaluronic Acid and Sleep Oil. Use Hyaluronic Acid daily for tissue repair and protection so the protective barrier on the skin can lock in moisture, giving the skin a youthful appearance. The Sleep Oil rejuvenates, stimulates and hydrates your skin while you sleep and delivers a natural-looking, radiant glow by morning.

Activated Charcoal Infused Glycerin Soap – NORSHEK

Your body needs to be pampered as much as your face, so indulge it with some extra love with this great soap by Norshek. Anti-bacterial, toxin-free and anti-aging, this natural, handmade soap is gentle on sensitive areas.

Cinnamon Coffee Scrub – SMACK THAT SCRUB

Moisturize productsBig on cinnamon, the spice that battles toxins and keeps your skin looking good, this natural scrub also packs enough coffee to wake up your skin to face the day. Exfoliate, nourish and get rid of stretch marks and cellulite.

Blueberry Jam Super Hydrating Beauty Shower Gel – SCRUBBY BUBBY SHOP
Give your skin a treat with this Blueberry Shower & Bath Gel. Loaded with natural vitamins and real fruit goodness, it will leave your skin feeling delicately fragranced, nourished and squeaky clean.

Honeymoon Glow Face Cream – EARTHOWLS

Moisturize productsMade for replenishing and restoring moisture to the skin, this long-lasting formula helps you to maintain a fresh, bright, and healthy complexion. Enriched with honey extract, it is ideal for ultra hydration and promoting and restoring elasticity to the skin.

Intensive Moisture Eye Cream – GLOW WITH SARAH

Moisturize productsGentle dabs will do it. This super-rich formula will moisturize the delicate area around your eyes with shea butter, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil and beeswax.

Ingredients for Refreshing Body Scrubs From Your Kitchen