By Maeri Frances

Reality check! Goodbye summer vacation, welcome back to work. How good are you at making the adjustment? Let’s face it; some signs are better than others. Read on to see how much support the planets are giving you this September.

P.S. Don’t forget to read your rising sign as well if you know it.

Happy birthday, Virgo!

September in a Nutshell:  Passion meets prudence.

This is a month to unleash your wilder side. Virgo? Wild? Absolutely! Venus, Mercury and Mars cruise into your birth sign and give you a boost of energy and charisma. It’s a great time to spice up your wardrobe and beauty regime, especially during the first two weeks of the month. Work can take second place.


September in a Nutshell: Routine isn’t so bad after all…

Whether it’s a diet or hitting the gym, you can feel quite virtuous about the efforts you are making this month. It’s a good time to refine your work methods as well, tidy that desk, un-clog your computer. Why not work on improving your relationship with colleagues as well? A little bonding goes a long way.

Taurus:                                                                                                 September in a Nutshell: Sports, hobbies, creativity and romance.

Earthy and sensual, you have endurance and strength. All of this can fire you up during the first half of September, so get out and there and move your body, dance, paint, and play. The second part of the month will allow you to get back to work, but why not party and have fun while the time is ripe! 


September in a Nutshell: East, west, home’s best.

Call this a bipolar moment, or whatever you like, but this month the hustle and bustle of the world at large holds little attraction for you. All your happiness seems to lie within your most familiar spaces and spaces. Family will be all the company you really want, you need to treasure your roots, and appreciate what you have.


September in a Nutshell: Look who’s chatty now!

Whatever or whoever has managed to coax you out of your shell, well done, we say! Moon-children have never been as voluble as this month. Get together with friends and neighbors; start that blog you have been putting off, take that weekend out of town. It’s all about opening up to what is around you.


September in a Nutshell: Time to count that cash!

This is a golden couple of weeks for you, in every sense of the word. You seem to have the Midas touch, so use those great ideas that keep popping into your head. Yes, you will need to put in some hard work as well, but the rewards should be worth it. Maybe something you own will turn out to be more valuable than you imagined.


September in a Nutshell: A little discretion will work well. All the best moments for you will probably play out behind the scenes at last in the first half of September. After the 15th you should be feeling and looking the best you have in ages. Venus and Mercury will help you say the right things at the right time. Feel good about yourself; it can be a needed boost in self-confidence.


September in a Nutshell: Friends are your true treasure in life.

With everybody back in town it is the right time to start socializing and networking. Check out all the new places that have opened so you can be totally in the loop. Be warned, you may be tempted to overdo, so if you burn the candle at both ends expect to start fizzling by mid-month.


September in a Nutshell: Career highs are possible.

This is your month to show what you can do. No more hiding your light under a bushel, you have talent and pizzazz so it’s time to strut your stuff. Make sure you are looking your best at all times, you will really be under the spotlight this September. Your new-found fame could give a huge boost to your social desirability as the month draws on.


September in a Nutshell: Expand your horizons.

Book a flight, enroll in a course, travel and explore and shake off those mental cobwebs. It is sooo easy to get stuck in a rut, and now the planets are supporting this part of your life, just do it! After that, your ambitious no-nonsense self will take over and get you back on the path to corporate heaven, or hell, as the case may be.


September in a Nutshell: What goes around; comes around.

The magic this month lies in the support that others are willing to give you. You can be fiercely independent, and reluctant to accept help in any form. But, this month you should listen to your heart and understand that people are ready to give you a hand up because they care. The day will come when you are in a position to reciprocate, and of course, you will.


September in a Nutshell: Feel the love.

Is it coincidence, or do you just keep stumbling over charming, fascinating, friendly people? Unattached Pisces may not stay that way for long the way things are going. Truth be told, it is not just that you are meeting the right people, it has a lot to do with the positive energy and friendliness that you are putting out there. Relationships are super sweet this September. Who could resist you this month?

Our monthly horoscopes are brought to you by Maeri Frances, a consulting astrologer with over 30 years’ experience. Exclusive to our publications, we brings tips for each Sun sign on how to avoid the pitfalls and ride the highs of each month.