tell someone you like them

A lot of people have trouble talking about their feelings especially when it comes to someone they really care about. Life is too short to wait around for something to happen. Don’t let someone special pass you by. If you admit your feelings early on and they don’t share them, you can control them before they develop any further.

There are a few ways to ease things when you’re finally ready to tell your crush that you like them. How do you tell someone you like them? Follow this advice and hope it works!

By Mariam Elhamy

Choose your time and place. Nothing could be worse than if you tell them while they’re really stressed and there’s a lot going on in their life. Pick a timing and an intimate place where you’re both relaxed and alone.

If things aren’t far too complicated between you then ask them out on a date first. That’s way more casual and far less intimidating than pouring your heart out which might come as a shock. If things go well then it’s safe to admit you like them.

Don’t be a coward and do it over the phone or in a text, make it more personal and do it face to face. That also allows you to see their reaction.

Ease into it. Don’t just come upright and say it. Tell them a joke or give them a compliment before you break the news. tell someone you like them

Here are is an example of something you could say: “I’ve been thinking about you a lot and I want you to know that I like you.”

tell someone you like them

Stay calm and be confident but humble. If you sound unsure they’ll think you’re not being serious about it. And if you’re overly confident like you’re entitled to have them, it will mess things up if they don’t share the same feelings. tell someone you like them

Keep it simple while explaining your emotions. Don’t go overboard make them feel like you’re obsessed with them (there will be plenty of time to do that later).

tell someone you like them

Don’t pressure them into responding right away. Everyone deals with emotions differently so give them some time to process. Tell them that you just wanted to let them know how you feel and don’t talk about any commitments just yet. Hear them out first.

Manage your expectations. You’re not sure if they like you or not so don’t expect a loud “I LOVE YOU TOO!”. If they say it back then wonderful! If not, then at least now you don’t have to keep wondering and can move on. Just stay graceful and don’t get mean. Remember, if you do it the right way and don’t make a drama out of it so you can carry on as friends. tell someone you like them

Don’t overreact if they don’t share the same feeling. Don’t stress it and quickly take it back. Eventually, they may or may not feel the same way and if they don’t, again just move on.tell someone you like them

Remind yourself that, whether or not this particular person is attracted to you, you’re an incredible person who’s worthy of and will find love. tell someone you like them

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tell someone you like them