small room bigger

Some rooms are just small and you can’t do anything about it, yet you actually can. Follow these 10 steps and give your room a whole new look by making it more spacious and bright.

By Mariam Elhamy

Step 1: Clear Out Any Clutter

We’ve said it before and we’re gonna say it again, nothing makes a small space feel more cramped than having too much misplaced or useless stuff, so get rid of it all and make things more organized. Try this decluttering service in Cairo.

Step 2: Choose Light Colors

Dark warm colors tend to make spaces look smaller. Bright colors feel more open and airy.

Step 3: Pick the Right Furniture

Aim for see-through glass and lucite tabletops with legs, it opens up the view beyond making the room more spacious and lets light and air travel under and around it.

Step 4: Match the Furniture Color with the Walls

When choosing furniture don’t make contrasts in colors because they break up the room and make it look crammed. Match furniture that blends with the walls, this gives the illusion of a bigger room. And keep it plain, less patterns and stripes.small room bigger

Step 5: Let In the Light 

Any room will look larger if it’s well-lit. Get rid of heavy draperies and open up the windows or add some lights.

Step 6: Add a Huge Mirror

Using a large framed mirror on a wall will give you a room-enlarging effect. The reflected room and light tricks the eye into perceiving more space and a more open feeling.small room bigger

Step 7: Pick the Right Size Furniture

Low small furniture are easier to move around and are closer to the ground so they don’t take up big space but large, simple pieces make a small space look less cluttered.

Step: 8 Ditch the Rugs and Curtains

Rugs and curtains tend to close up a room and take up space. If you must have them use the simplest most minimal ones.

Step 9: Less is More

When it comes to accessories in small spaces, less is really more. The more you crowd the room with decor pieces the more living space it takes up.

Step 10: Utilize Hidden Storage and Multi-Functional Furniture

small room bigger

What if we tell you that you can press up a couch to a long window without it looking odd? Use hidden places to store stuff inside furniture and clear clutter. Add multi-functional furniture like a bed or coffee table with storage drawers, expandable dining tables, folding and nesting tables, which can be tucked away when you don’t need them.

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