know if someone is thinking of you

By: Mariam Elhamy

If you’re wondering whether you’re on someone’s mind there are signs that could help you tell. All you need to do is to observe them and how they act around you. Here are some questions you need to notice and ask yourself in order to know if someone is thinking of you.

Do they text you random things at random times?

If they send you texts reminding you of memories, sharing something funny or just asking about you randomly. That means they’re definitely thinking of you.

Do they smile often when you’re around?

When you see them anywhere do you find them smiling a lot especially when you look at them?

Does their body language show it?

Do their feet point at you? Do they have their palms open? Do they blush a lot? Do they touch their hair or play with it? These are all signs that the person might be thinking of you or even attracted to you because the body doesn’t lie!

Do they talk to your friends about you?

If your friends tell you that they ask or bring up your name a lot then it’s a clear sign.

Do they ask you if you have feelings for someone?

This question shows a person is thinking about you because no ordinary friend will just randomly ask you if you’re into someone.

Do they comment and like all your posts?

Whenever you post something do you find them liking and maybe even DMing you just to start a conversation? That’s probably a sign too.

Do you find yourself randomly thinking about them?

If they come up in your mind at random times and you find yourself smiling they might be thinking of you at the same time and sharing the same energy!

Do you dream about them?

Do you find yourself randomly dreaming about them even though they haven’t been in your thoughts at all? Maybe that’s a sign they’re thinking of you and the universe is just sending you messages.