April Fool’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time for you to prank your friends and spread hoaxes. How exciting is this? Even though it’s not a public holiday in every country, yet April 1st is a day where most countries enjoy since 1582. Here are fun and interesting facts about how different countries take April Fool’s Day seriously!


April Fool’s Day in Brazil is called dia das mentiras (the day of lies) or dia dos bobos (day of fools). It started becoming popular in 1828 when A Mentira, a famous publication, wrote a false story announcing the death of the Emperor of Brazil, Don Pedro. News outlets keep publishing false headlines and news to prank Brazilians on April 1st since then.


French children have a popular tradition on April Fools’; they anxiously wait for this day every year to stick a paper fish on the victim’s back and shout Poisson d’Avril (April Fish!).  The pranks in France started in 1564 when King Charles IX changed the New Year from April 1st  to January 1st but many were not convinced and continued celebrating the New Year in April. Those who were still following the old calendar were given false presents and were called fools.



There are different interesting beliefs about April Fool’s Day in Greece.

If you are able to prank someone, your year will be filled with good luck and you will have a year full of good crops!

It is also believed that if it rains on April 1st, your wounds will heal.


The Scottish call this day Hunt The Gowk Day because Gowk in Scottish literally means a foolish person. They actually celebrate April Fools’ like no others! They celebrate it in two days, the first day is only dedicated to pranking others and on the second day they place tails on other’s backs- the second day is called Tailie Day. Yes! the Scottish surely know how to celebrate April Fool’s Day the right way.

It’s time for you to shine and show your friends your skills with being a trickster. Also, like they say “what goes around comes back around like a hula hoop” so be aware not to fall into the trap of being the victim not the prankster and have a Happy April Fool’s Day!