By Maeri Frances

You are already familiar with your Sun sign, defined by your month of birth. The Sun, by its very nature, brings out the more assertive nature of your character. It represents masculine energy, the ego, the personality and self-expression, with all the negatives and positives each sign can possess. But now, with the celebration of Mother’s Day and all things feminine, let’s take a look at the Moon in your chart. Ruling the feminine, emotions, sensitivity, empathy, your inner nature and emotional responses, the Moon can also be described as your comfort zone. Take a peek to see where she is placed in your chart by using the links below.

Moon in Aries:

Feisty and impulsive, an Aries moon can give you heightened reactions and a tendency to fly off the handle when upset. Anyone on the receiving end of your temper will not forget it quickly. You, however, will be too busy to dwell on it for long.  You have emotional courage, love a challenge and can endure hardship better than many if the going gets tough.

Famous people who share your Moon sign: Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Salvador Dali

Moon in Taurus:

You nurture your inner self by relating to all things beautiful. Nature soothes and comforts you, as do good food, music, art, luxurious textiles, chocolate and aromatherapy massages. A little possessive, you can be stubbornly loyal to people you care about, but slow to forgive them if they let you down.

Famous people who share your Moon sign: Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon, Elton John, Bob Dylan

Moon in Gemini:

Boredom is your worst enemy, and when you are not getting enough emotional stimulation you are not above playing ‘mind games’ with people around you to stir the pot. All well and good until it backfires and you find yourself being ghosted left, right and center. You are charming, with a sense of fun and the ridiculous, and love to share your sense of humor.

Famous people who share your Moon sign: Sigmund Freud, Andy Warhol, Kylie Minogue

Moon in Cancer:

A Cancer moon is maternal and protective, with some serious business instincts, but can be touchy and overly sensitive at times. That’s when the barriers go up and you withdraw. It can take a lot of cajoling to pry you out of your shell. Some may call you moody, but your deep, kind emotions are so real that they flow at their best when surrounded by people who appreciate and deserve them.

Famous people who share your Moon sign: Sean Penn, Drew Barrymore, Clint Eastwood

Moon in Leo:

Your inner pride and dignity shine through the gentle light of a Leo moon. You seek attention and admiration, your emotional base depends on being appreciated and recognized for the star you are. Like a certain new member of royalty, you have always known at heart that you are a prince or princess, and can willingly lavish affection on loyal followers who recognize your natural leadership.

Famous people who share your Moon sign: Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Oscar Wilde

Moon in Virgo:

Virgo has a habit of overthinking things, so emotions tend to be quashed and repressed to the point of suffocation at times. By the time instinctive responses have been inspected and analyzed to the ‘nth degree they are battling to find a way to express themselves. Maybe that is why Virgo moon natives sometimes get labeled as cold, critical and unfeeling.

Famous people who share your Moon sign: Madonna, Princess Anne, Courtney Cox

Moon in Libra:

You have an innate sense of justice and fairness, so when you feel that you have been treated incorrectly or had your intentions misunderstood it hurts you to the core. You are sociable and can sometimes sacrifice your own needs by putting other people first, but your inner resilience carries you through.

Famous people who share your Moon sign: Leonardo Di Caprio, Kate Winslet, Nicolas Cage

Moon in Scorpio:

“Still waters flow deep”, as they say. You can be scarily intense, maybe through coping with your own emotional depths. Capable of holding your innermost feelings in a very private place, you can also overwhelm when you let the flood gates open. Anyone who crosses you can rest assured that you do not easily forgive, or forget.

Famous people who share your Moon sign: Steven Spielberg, Joseph Stalin, Charlie Chaplin

Moon in Sagittarius:

You have a philosophical nature and a spirit of adventure that can be inspiring to those around you. With this moon placement you are rarely lacking for company, and are generally popular. You may, at times, be a little laissez faire and thoughtless, but it will be easily forgiven. Not big on details, you are more at home when looking at the ‘big picture’.

Famous people who share your Moon sign: Oprah Winfrey, Charles Dickens, Jennifer Aniston

Moon in Capricorn:

Feelings are usually kept well under control, and not allowed to interfere with the main objective of the moment. Capricorn energy is patient, focused and practical, and emotions and inner goals are using neatly packaged to fit the mold. A Capricorn moon can achieve amazing things when given the chance, but may not win many hearts in the process.

Famous people who share your Moon sign: Napoleon Bonaparte, Johnny Depp, Ludwig Von Beethoven

Moon in Aquarius:

With an Aquarian moon you may even bewilder yourself at times. You love to be different, and hate to feel emotionally caged in. You can be drawn to worthy causes and the greater good, but equally, have little time for malingerers and complainers. Close relationships work best with someone who shares your world view and doesn’t mind your detached moods.

Famous people who share your Moon sign: George Clooney, Russell Crowe, Britney Spears

Moon in Pisces:

You are such a big ‘softie’ at heart it can be hard for you not to be taken advantage of. Not that you are lacking in brain-power. Far from it, and you have incredible creativity and intuition. It’s just that your idealism and wishful thinking would like to see the world a better place, and you are doing your bit. Escape the fantasy world you inhabit from time to time to keep a balance!

Famous people who share your Moon sign: Martin Luther King, Winona Ryder, Elvis Presley

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