Contemporary or classic, simple or gloriously over-the-top, home is where the heart is. Join us in our retrospective of 10 homes we embraced over the decade in Cairo, Sahel and Gouna.

Pyramids Hills Home

May 2012

When presented with a stunning location that afforded sweeping views over the Giza Pyramids, architect Medhat Abdallah came up with a design that would meet the lifestyle requirements of his discerning clients, while housing their large collection of antique furniture and works of art. The end result was a beautifully laid out space, flowing through to pools and landscaped gardens, both tranquil and energizing.

A Breath of Summer All-Year Round

September 2016

A punch of vibrant pastels brings this seaside residence to life in an inspired way. Set in the already creative milieu of El Gouna, this space is set out to allow relaxed and harmonious living. Careful use of light neutrals by Eklego’s design team creates a flow and continuity, and the pops of color give an energizing and quirky vibrancy that stimulates the eye at just the right moment. The overall effect is that of contemporary sophistication with the right level of playfulness, all in a well thought out and extremely functional space.

Zamalek Flat

May 2014

Combining art and aesthetics, this Zamalek home may be compact, but it has its own unique charm. Stunning contemporary artwork blends with carefully collected pieces from across the globe, reflecting the owner’s North African heritage. Visually commanding, it remains, nevertheless, a welcoming livable space.

Abu Sir Villa – A Confluence of Elements

March 2013

Multi-leveled, multi-layered and modular, this home rests close to the Abu Sir Pyramids. Using eco-architectural techniques, it embraces and synergizes with the surrounding desert and rural greenery, while offering the luxury of technology where required. Materials create a contrast, from industrial epoxy resin and cement, to soft hand-hewn bricks from Siwa, but the final effect is that of calm and harmonious living.

Gouna Dreams

July 2015

When young designer Yasmina Makram founder of YM Studios set out to design a beach home in El Gouna, she used her skill-set to create an eclectic and serene respite from the city life of Cairo. By combining textures with simple yet elegant natural fabrics and materials, and applying a combination of chic simplicity with carefully sourced design features, Makram has captured the essence of the Gouna lifestyle – creative, relaxed and visually exciting.

A Moorish Study in Red

September 2015

A dream home transposed from the vast reaches of the Western Sahara in Morocco to an idyllic garden setting in Giza’s City View. The home features rich shades of red in both exterior and interior spaces to echo the russet shades of the endless deserts of the Maghreb. Traditional crafts and design elements grace the atmospheric spaces throughout. The traditional riad (courtyard) has graceful arches giving shade from the sun, immense iron lanterns sit on the flagstone terraces, all adding to the exotic charm of this stylish home.

Stunning Style in Sahel

July 2017

Located on the North Coast, MS Residence was created by Mohamed Fares of Alchemy Design Studio who re-interprets the essence of the Mediterranean beach life within a home. The uniqueness of the space emerges from the bare grey concrete ceiling carried on white walls, accentuated by the red bougainvillea, natural walnut wood, light wire mesh and an eccentric shade of yellow. The terrace, dining, bar, chaise lounge deck, and sunken seating are island spaces within a vast pool, giving birth to interesting multiple pools around each zone overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean.

Retro Meets Contemporary Chic in Sahel

July 2018

Think sun, sea and chilling out, with just enough of a party vibe to spice things up. Are we thinking of Sahel, or maybe Miami, or an inspired mix of both? As the 1950s rolled around, MiMo style was all the trend in Miami, and this airy, spacious summer home by Style Design has encapsulated the mood to perfection.

Photographer: Dina Samahy

The Sakkara House: Mixing Islamic Architecture with Art Deco

April 2018

Interior architect Maha Raouf drew on her decades of experience when she began working on the design of the house, drawing up a master plan for the needs of the resident, accounting for movement and circulation all the while looking from the outside to make sure the exterior facade looked attractive. Islamic architecture principles – such as tucked away quarters for bedrooms and intimate rooms for guests, including mashrafeya windows are featured abundantly.

The Art of Summer Living

July 2019

When the owners commissioned this spacious Sa7el villa, one requirement was non-negotiable. A prodigious collection of contemporary paintings by leading Egyptian artists and an eclectic array of objets d’art would need to take pride of place. For the Principal Architect of MAp Consultants, Medhat Abdallah, this didn’t present any challenge.

Alchemy Design Studio 
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