Hisham Mahdy, one of Egypt’s top art directors and founder of Mental Flame Interiors & architecture, has showcased his latest art creation “The Welcome Swallow” as part of the “When Art Meets Design” Exhibition organized by Art D’Egypte at the O West compound.

The exhibition is the first of its kind in Egypt combining design, photography and graffiti in one activation as the creative art scene is rapidly evolving. “The Welcome Swallow” installation at O West sales center is inspired by the bird species that has a unique flying pattern and a graceful shape and is known for nesting around buildings.

“The Welcome Swallow” is situated to welcome all visitors to the compound while giving them a shade through the internal passage it has. Made of three pieces of iron using pivot mechanism, “The Welcome Swallow” tail moves with the wind striking a sense of reality into the installation.

In Greek and Roman mythology, deities were believed to be able to transform their form and become a swallow. In modern times, many people consider swallows as their ‘spirit animal’ that represents fidelity, grace, happiness and peace in their lives.

This concept reflects Hisham’s firm belief that the role of a designer goes beyond decorating; it combines elements to create a story through each design. Hisham has a unique design vision driven by the environmental mood and layers of space and light.