Heritage International School was established in 2006 as a Canadian school that provides an excellent Manitoba High School Diploma, where the Manitoba curriculum is applied from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12.

However, being on Egyptian soil, Heritage maintains a high ideal of Egyptian education and social values where SAT/ACT is not required from Canadian graduates in Egypt. This new curriculum allows students that are graduating from Heritage to apply to private universities in Egypt.

The Canadian High School Diploma is highly recognized worldwide as one of the top respected Diplomas.

Dates for open days and submitting applications:

What an assessment test includes:

The assessments are based on grade groups and include English and math tests. An interview with the school’s principal and the director is a must to complete the application process.

School sections:

Heritage only offers Canadian education.


English, French, and Arabic.

Accreditation and examinations:

Heritage is accredited by Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth Department in Canada. The school is also accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Education in Egypt.

Facilities and extracurricular activities:

The main building that comprises the Kindergarten to grade 12 classes includes indoor facilities such as an indoor multipurpose room, a large two-story library, indoor gym, indoor cafeteria, science, physics, biology, chemistry, and industrial labs, two computer labs, language labs and an indoor theatre (under construction).

Outdoor facilities:

Heritage provides multiple outdoor facilities that include large multipurpose courts, football fields and landscaped open court areas.

Address: Al-Yasmine Greenland, Second Touristic Village, 6th of October City.


Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @heritageegypt

Facebook: Heritage Canadian International School Egypt

Twitter: @heritageegypt

Tel: 02 3825 3688/9