We all long for that really good hair day when our hair looks flawlessly perfect without any effort or external help but unfortunately effortlessly perfect hair only lives in our dreams. Not to worry though because we have some hacks and tricks for you to get your hair styled and ready for any day in the shortest amount of time.

Here’s an easy way to curl your hair. Just twist it and use a straightener. That way you’ll get quick curls that look more natural.

When you’re going out and there’s no way you can do your hair and get dressed fast enough to make it on time. Try this easy bun.

Here’s how to make a lifted ponytail.

And here’s another super easy hairdo that probably takes 5 minutes to make.

Ever thought about how they get this much volume in their hairdo? Here’s how.

How to jazz up a boring ponytail.

A cute hairdo with a few pins and a light scarf.

Another way to style your day to day ponytail.

6 Makeup Hacks by Makeup Artist Jelan Nasr