It’s a fact of today’s life that work will chase us wherever we try to hide, even in the iconic chill-out hub of El Gouna. GSpace has raised the bar on co-working spaces though.

Yes, it has all the things you need to get through those pesky tasks, like excellent Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, privacy and work areas of all sizes, according to your needs. And, an ongoing supply of complimentary water, might we add. GSpace

The brainchild of local company MQR, the El Gouna hub follows on from three other successful branches, in Heliopolis, New Cairo and Downtown Cairo.

The whole space buzzes with inspiration and stands out with a high-energy presence, creative architecture and vibrant colors. Yet, somehow it also exudes a serenity that is conducive to achieving the focus needed to get down to serious work. GSpace

Location: El Gouna

Instagram: @gspacegouna
Facebook: GSpaceElGouna
Mob: 012 1142 8888

El Gouna – A State Of Mind